How Coupons Impact the Statistics of Retailing Industry?


According to Compete statistics, online coupons may have a big influence on merchants’ bottom lines. Coupons are one of the things people look up to when buying something at a discount. Coupons help you get the latest discount and you can also see what future it holds for a product. With the help of Skyrocketdeal, you can get coupon codes on all the stores they consist.  You just need to visit their website and voila “there you have it”, your favorite coupons.

Online Shopper Intelligence poll, one-third of online customers claimed they frequently utilize coupon sites while buying online. In April 2010, 35 million people went to discount websites, up 5% from April 2009. The following are some particular statistics about how internet coupons influence consumer purchasing behavior and store sales.

Coupon Codes Have the Power to Make or Break a Deal

More than half of consumers (57%) who used a godaddy coupon code during their most recent online transaction indicated they would not have purchased the item if they hadn’t received the discount (s). This suggests that coupons might be a very efficient sales generator if used correctly.

Coupon-using customers spend more money.

Coupons appear to provide a great return on investment; the tiny discount given to customers encourages them to spend money. Consumers who utilized a coupon paid an average of $210 on their most recent online transaction when asked how much they spent. Consumers who did not use a discount on their most recent online transaction spent an average of $120, which is 57% percent more.

Coupons Have the Potential to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Coupons are a great method for merchants to establish loyalty among their customers. When questioned about their entire online buying experience, buyers who utilized a best godaddy coupon were 5 percent more satisfied (90 percent) than those who did not (85 percent).

Coupons Have the Potential to Increase Customer Loyalty

When compared to those who did not use a coupon, consumers who used an online coupon stated they are more inclined to shop from the business again. Consumers who used an online coupon stated they are 90 percent inclined to buy from the company again, compared to 85 percent for those who did not. Coupons not only drive higher-order value purchases, but they also enhance the probability of a customer returning to that business.

Consumers are attracted to the convenience of coupons.

Nearly three out of four buyers (74%) use coupons because they are handy and beneficial, while 26% believe coupons require too much work to discover and utilize.

Older customers (those aged 50 and older) are more likely to utilize coupons and are more likely to buy known brands and items, but a large majority (30 percent) say coupons are too difficult to find and use. Surprisingly, customers are split on whether coupons influence brand decisions or if brand decisions influence coupon searches. Coupons are used by shoppers who say they are “convenient and beneficial” for things that they buy and restock frequently.

Coupons may not be as valuable to shoppers for things with a longer repurchase cycle (e.g., furniture, electronics, motorbikes) unless they are received at precisely the correct moment when they are considering a repurchase or close to a repurchase point.

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