How Covid-19 is impacting education

The covid-19 outbreak is viral and started infecting people of China and then rapidly spread worldwide. This deadly virus has been very much worse for people all over the world. The everyday life was suddenly changed, and people had to face so many new things. Covid-19 has been a massive threat to education as well. Schools worldwide were closed, and students were sent home from all schooling systems. This significant borough disruption to teaching all over the world. It has impacted education and also the student’s life. Millions of people died due to this deadly virus. The covid-19 pandemic has so much worse impact on education and growing literature. The statistical analysis has also mentioned a massive loss in the education system due to the covid-19 outbreak.

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Closure of schools

The schools were closed all over the world to secure human lives and prevent them from deadly diseases. It has a significant impact on education. As at first, people were confused about concluding and digesting all this. The closure of schools has left so many syllabi, and projects going on the left in the middle as the process of study was left in the middle until the thought of online education.

Online classes

After the closure of schools was announced worldwide, the thought of online classes was raised. All the schools were providing online courses to the students. Because of this process, classes were started back, but this was a bad situation for the students who could not understand the lecture in the physical classes. It was more challenging for them to learn in online courses. For this reason, they were left behind to seek any knowledge as it was a different and unique way of learning, and due to sudden change from physical to online Quran Reading classes, students were disturbed.


As online classes were introduced to the students, it was easy for the ones who could handle all the expenses of the internet. However, the students who were unable to afford the raised charges of Internet connections could not attend the classes and learn. This was a terrible situation for the students who wanted to know but couldn’t, and we were left behind in the course. So covid-19 has impacted the education of the student who could not afford the online classes.

Incomplete courses

As the schools were closed so suddenly and for a very long time, it was complicated to handle and maintain the whole syllabus in online classes. So a large portion of the syllabus was left behind, and students could not cover it all over. So the lectures’ main topics were not delivered to the students who have been an excellent lo for the students as they have missed out on essential issues of the syllabus. The incomplete courses have impacted education so much as the students were left behind the knowledge.

Examination process

As the students were not appropriately prepared for the examination. As they were so little in terms of knowledge about the syllabus, they were not properly guided on what they had to learn and perform in the examination. The whole process was very much disturbing for the students. For that reason, so many students were unable to clear the examination and have faced failure just because of the sense that they were unable to attend the lectures and learn the syllabus properly. They had to miss out on so many things, and covid-19 has impacted education and the careers of students.


The education system was impacted so much by the Covid-19 outbreak. As the students were not able to learn correctly. Schools worldwide were called closed due to the prevention of students from deadly diseases. Schools’ closure was so disturbing for the students as they were left behind from learning and achieving more. This sudden change was hard to accept for the students as they were not likely to do it. So many institutions have faced problems as well. However, several teachers were also unemployed.

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