How Does Asbestos Sample Testing Work?

Asbestos Sample Testing

You must go for asbestos sampling testing and analysis if you suspect a material containing asbestos in it. Asbestos Bulk Analyst identifies the various types of fibres present in the sample. If found, the analyst then removes it by using the principle of stereo binocular microscopy. An analyst uses the technique of polarized light microscopy for confirmation. You get positive confirmation about the process of asbestos sample testing when you see signs of elongation of the birefringent fibres. The colours which are obtained by performing the central stop dispersion staining technique also give positive confirmation. Colours the in central stop dispersion technique are obtained when you mount the fibres in a liquid whose refractive index is known. The emergence of colours is dependent on the refractive index along the fibre’s axis.

Asbestos Sample Testing
Asbestos Sample Testing

What Testing Method Is Used for Asbestos Sample Testing?

Australian Standard AS 4964, a qualitative method to identify asbestos present in bulk samples, is applicable for asbestos sample testing in Australia.

What Accreditation Does a Lab Need for Asbestos Sample Testing?

The laboratories for asbestos sample testing must be accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities or NATA. The National Association of Testing Authorities has been certified for asbestos sample testing present in bulk samples since 2007.

What Are the Health Risks Caused by Asbestos Which Necessitate Asbestos Sample Testing?

Asbestos is silicate material that occur naturally. They appear in the structure of fibres of variable lengths. Between the 1940s and late 1980s, asbestos was used widely in the building industry. They were used because of their properties like flexibility, heat resistance, electric resistance, and tensile strength. During that time in Australia, one in every 3 houses, asbestos was a material that was present. With the progression of time, scientists concluded that asbestos could lead to severe health issues.  Due to the toxicity of asbestos and to ensure safety, the use of asbestos was phased out in Australia in 1989. Eventually, in 2003 December asbestos was banned in Australia.

The World Health Organization or WHO has identified the carcinogenic (cancer causing) properties of asbestos. The immune system of our body cannot remove asbestos if you inhale it, and this is since asbestos has inert chemical properties. Asbestos fibre stays inside the lungs and ultimately leads to several lung diseases such as lung cancer, asbestosis, mesothelioma etc. The symptoms of asbestos exposure only occur after the onset of the asbestos related diseases is marked. After almost a decade of exposure to asbestos, lung cancer can be diagnosed as the small residues of asbestos remain inside the lungs.

2 Ways to Get Asbestos Sample Testing Done

There are two options that you must get the suspected material tested for asbestos:

  • Pack the suspected materials inside airtight bags provided by any laboratory. Then deliver the package to the laboratory. Go for this option only if you are confident and competent enough in safety collection as asbestos is toxic and exposure to it would cause dangerous health hazards.
  • You can book a surveyor service that would visit your home and collect the suspected materials for asbestos sample testing. If you are not competent in safety collection, go for this option and want an expert or professional to do that for you.
Asbestos Sample Testing
Asbestos Sample Testing

It is to be noted that all the materials for asbestos sample testing must be sealed individually in their airtight packets and then collectively sealed into a second bigger airtight container. It is preferred to use polythene bags as airtight container for sample collection.

In a nutshell, it is advised to avoid any possible health hazard. Therefore, get your suspected materials tested for asbestos and ascertain you and your dear one’s safety.

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