How Does Nicotine Vape Juice Work?

Vape Juice

Given the increase hostility towards tobacco use, which while unnecessarily militant, does have a point, you may be increasingly interested in vaping. You may be unsure about it, and you may have the wrong perception if you tried the very old e-cigarette concepts from the turn-of-the-century. While the basic technology in concept was the same, the juice in those was a very different formula and, by all accounts, not a particularly pleasant one. Modern nicotine vape juice and nicotine-free vape juiceare a very different formula that is not only superior, but as far healthier than its ancestor or tobacco, while being far more pleasant.

Vaping doesn’t utilize burning. As the name suggests, it’s the inhalation of vapor rather than smoke that takes place. This is produced by the juice being exposed to an electric heating coil which rapidly evaporates it, producing a cool, often slightly mentholated and flavorful experience not identical to smoking, but scratching all the same itches in a way that’s hard to describe. It doesn’t dehydrate the same way, there’s no irritation with it, and it’s not warm like smoke sometimes can be. It doesn’t traditionally taste quite like tobacco, either, though flavorings exist that do re-create that distinct flavor if you desire it.

This technology has been engineered via form factor as well as flavor and nicotine strength combinations within the juice to mimic several different preferences and smoking, with traditional vapes more or less mimicking a cigarette experience, but cigar and pipe analogs are also available. Disposable vapes are the most common thing, and of course, the first thing to try to get a sense of what you like.

As for the juice itself, it basically only consists of 3 key components. These components are: a glycerin compound (vapor base, usually vegetable oil or propylene glycol), nicotine (the same sort of derived nicotine used in quitting products) and an artificial flavoring (which must pass the same food and drug regulations as any other flavoring). The chemical nature of this fluid does not change when it is heated up into a vapor, meaning that all the body really absorbs is the nicotine, the glycerin compound and the flavoring just passing through the system, being inert and non-digestible.

While asthmatics and people with other breathing disorders shouldn’t use this, and nicotine isn’t good for certain heart conditions, so be sure you know about the effects of nicotine. One of the really interesting benefits aside from obvious smoking problems being ditched is the variety by way of flavors. Various attempts of been made to flavor tobacco over the years, cigarettes even getting experimental fruity flavors in the early 2000’s. However, maintaining a flavor through a burning process is difficult, severely limiting what they can make a cigarette taste like. Vapes can taste like literally anything. You can get fruit flavors, dessert flavors, beverage flavors, you name it. Popular things like banana Kiwi, root beer and great are pretty much the go-to 4 people trying for the first time. If you were a menthol smoker, try something meant flavored, you will thank me.

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