How Many Instagram Followers are Required to Qualify You for Blue Tick?

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There is something to look forward to when one has lots of Instagram followers. Social media will also make you popular if you are already famous or well-known through other media channels, such as the media, YouTube, movies, or politics. You will gain blue ticks in Instagram if you become popular, but most Instagram users won’t receive them even after becoming somewhat famous. Media and television outlets extensively covered the story, but the source remained anonymous. 

In general, there is no specific way for anyone to obtain a blue tick on Instagram. However, celebrities are often able to acquire them directly from the social media platform. Getting a blue tick on Instagram can be achieved in many different ways, but one thing is certain: you have to have a significant number of followers. We will tell you here in this article just how you can apply for a blue tick on Instagram, so do read this article from beginning to end. Now that you know how many followers you will need to receive a blue tick on Instagram, here is how you can do it.

How does Instagram award a blue tick?

Apparently, Instagram does not mandate a specific number of followers for receiving a blue tick, but one thing is certain-you won’t be considered for a blue tick if you have fewer than 1000-2000 followers. Those with 10k Instagram followers are awarded a blue tick based on data collected from social media experts. Some people manage to build an impressive following on Instagram within a month or even a year, but it isn’t something that happens overnight. We are able to provide these numbers as a part of a spam-free, genuine Instagram follower marketing program through a cheap SMM panel. We know this company from its many years of experience. As one of the most experienced and reliable SMM panels for social media marketing, SMMOVO is the cheapest and most reliable panel.

How do I get an Instagram blue tick?

Once you’ve bought followers from SMMOVO and met a number of other criteria, requesting the blue tick on Instagram is very easy. All you have to do is fill out a form and provide some verifications. The process is as follows:

In the Instagram app, you can view the Instagram blue tick request form by selecting the account icon and clicking the settings icon.

In order to complete your registration, you are required to provide legal information like your name, your id proof, and what you do (entrepreneur, musician, singer, artist, photographer, etc.).

Click submit when you are done.

If you submit a ticket, you won’t be contacted by email; you’ll receive a message from our support team through Instagram notifications. You will need to wait for at least 30 days for a response once you submit your request.


If you have a lot of followers, you will be more likely to try to find a blue tick on Instagram, even if it isn’t for everyone. One way to get a blue tick on Instagram is to achieve an appropriate search engine presence through national media coverage.

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