How Text-To-Speech in Voice Operations Aids Businesses


As the world advances, businesses have to revamp their strategies to stand out among competitors. Improving customer experience and the work-life of employees is the primary key to success for any business. One such technology which helps customers, as well as employees, is Text-To-Speech. Including it in your business opens a window of opportunity for all people. It eases the employees’ jobs by providing automated calls to the customers.


Text-To-Speech (TTS) is a technology that converts digital words into speech and reads it aloud. It can be used on smartphones or computers. The speech is created by grouping together parts of speeches recorded and stored earlier.

How Can Text-To-Speech Technology Help in Growing Businesses?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

With the Interactive Voice Response, the calls can be automated, which gives the initial response to the customers. They can select their language for communication, and previously recorded responses of the same language will be used to interact with them in a friendly and professional way. This also allows 24*7 connectivity to the customers, and automated responses can solve the query without connecting the call further to an agent.

Increases customer reach

With India being home to different languages, providing an Indian voice Text-To-Speech option to users to choose their first or preferred language can increase the reach of the businesses and make users feel more comfortable. This will also encourage a sense of trust in the customers’ minds and appreciation for making the experiences more comfortable for them.

Increases efficiency of employees

Including Indian voice, Text-To-Speech technology in employee’s training programs makes it easier for them to understand and grasp the knowledge. This ensures that the efficiency of employees is increased.

Increases word of mouth marketing

Using Indian voice Text-To-Speech technology increases the customer reach as they get responses in their preferred language. This improves the end experience of the customers, and by appreciating the efforts made by the organizations’ in their daily conversations, customers increase the word-of-mouth marketing.

Increases accessibility for the customers

With the Indian voice Text-To-Speech Technology, people can listen to texts while multitasking. With the TTS technology, people can listen to the content which otherwise had been difficult to read while on the go. This reduces the time required to consume the knowledge by listening to it and performing the tasks at hand. Thus, implementing this technology in businesses increases the accessibility of the customers and makes sure that the customer will choose them again in the future. 

Key Takeaways of Text-To-Speech Technology

Requires less money and reduces efforts

Text-To-Speech solution requires less coding, which reduces the cost and efforts of the business.

Increases web presence

With the website’s content available in text and audio versions and in various languages, the audience’s presence increases as it gives access to all the globe.

Thus, Text-To-Speech technology allows the users to visit their favorite website or inquire about a product hassle-free from anywhere and at any time.

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What is Text-To-Speech, and how can it help your business?

Text-To-Speech is a technology that converts texts into audio. It can be implemented in various businesses to improve the customer experience or reduce employee effort.

What are the benefits of Text-To-Speech?

It helps users interact with the automated computer system directly in their preferred language. It also helps the user multitask by listening to the audio and working simultaneously.

Why is Text-To-Speech helpful?

Text-To-Speech reads out loud the information which is available in text format. This feature can be used in all kinds of businesses for various purposes like reaching out to people, improving customer experiences, or strengthening the skills of the organization’s employees by offering TTS-oriented programs.

What are the features of Text-To-Speech?

TTS technology uses artificial voice, and the responses are gathered from the previously recorded interactions of the customers.

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