How To Declutter Before You Move Into A New Place?

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Moving is a difficult task, and people face moving jitters while shifting from one place to another. The hassles of moving can be easily resolved by the dual efforts of the moving company and the person who want to relocate. Thus for best outcomes, both must collaborate so that the movement takes place smoothly.

It is essential to understand that the onus of a successful relocation does not completely lie on the packers and movers company. The person who wants to relocate too has to do thorough research and planning before the relocation process begins. In this process, decluttering and junk removal is essential before settling into a new place. Mentioned below are tips to declutter to make relocation an easy and comfortable process.


The first step is to decide which items to retain, sell, throw away and donate. Segregating the belongings into these four sections helps you deal efficiently with your belongings and is the best way to eliminate what is not required. But how to decide what goes and what does not?

To achieve this task, one should walk through their homes to assess and get a mental picture of the items. This way, it becomes simpler for you to segregate items into important or junk. But if you still find it difficult to do away with your precious belongings, believe me, even people with great housekeeping skills aren’t able to achieve this task with perfection and sometimes end up accumulating junk and clutter.

Throw It Away

Reduce the clutter by throwing away items, which are useless or damaged beyond repair. Old cell phones, expired food items and medicines,  batteries, old appliances that do not work, and anything that does not belong to the category of junk and poses a danger should be thrown away. No matter how expensive they are, if your electronics and furniture are broken beyond repair, it is time to throw them away.

Other than expensive items, old toys and items with sentimental value attached to them add to the clutter, but they are not vital to your well-being. Take their photos or frame them but do away with these old items. Also, it is essential to file important documents and do away with duplicates. Scanning and uploading the documents and saving a soft copy reduce the hassle of keeping the hard copy. 


The next step is to sell the items, which you no longer require. Items, which you have held on to for a long time but have not utilized even once chances, are that you will not need them in the near future too. Such items perfectly fit the profile for junk and should be sold, as one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


Donate your old clothes, toys, accessories, and furniture if you do not require them. Books can be donated to orphanages or nursing homes. Bicycles, electronics, and kitchenware that are in working conditions can be donated too. 


Start the decluttering process the moment you decide to relocate. Prepare to declutter by having plenty of heavy-duty trash bags and boxes on hand. If you can arrange for a shredder, it would help you a lot to eliminate documents you don’t need. You might feel tempted to keep a few items you do not require, but it is vital to understand that such items only take up space. 

Decluttering is not the final process. Re-evaluate the items, which you have thrown away. Finally, talk to the garbage collector and recycling companies if they can help you remove nonessential items. 

After your junk is sorted, you can hire companies that provide services such as storage and warehousing and furniture removals in Hamilton, Auckland, and other places, which would help you to reduce the burden of relocating your belongings.

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