How to Give Charity

How to Give Charity

How to Give Charity When You Love Dunya

Charity and the love for Dunya never go hand in hand. To donate your wealth, you have to make your heart rich. Many people ask us how to do charity when we have so much love for Dunya dwelling inside our hearts. We can’t make our hearts big enough to donate with an open heart. Well, the answer to these questions is simple. Do charity only when you develop your belief in Allah that Allah will give it to you again on the Day of Judgment.

In Quran, chapter no. 3, verse no. 92, Allah SWT said, “Never will you attain good until you spend from that which you love. And whatever you spend- indeed, Allah knows of it”.

In the above verse, we can see that Allah SWT knows your every alms, donation, and zakat. And, when you get to know that Allah SWT will never forget your donations, like in verse no. Sixty-four of chapter no. 19 in the Quran, Allah Almighty stated, “And never is your Lord forgetful.” your heart prompt you to give charity.

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Charity dual your wealth:

Many penny-pinching people think that charity waste a lot of money. They fear becoming poor, so that’s why they hesitate to spend money in the way of Allah. But there is an announcement from Allah in the Quran in chapter no. 2, verse no. 276, “Allah eliminates usury (i.e., deprives usurious profits of prosperous growth) and multiplies alms gifts (i.e., increases blessings of clean wealth manifold through charity donations). And Allah does not like anyone who is ungrateful and disobedient.”

So, whenever your “Nafs” contains you from giving charity, think about the above verse, and you will see an astonishing change in yourself. So, always focus on the benefits of charity.

 Wealth collector rebuked in Quran:

Those who collect wealth and are shy to spend it in the way of Allah are censured severely and angrily in Quran. Allah SWT has strongly condemned those who hesitate to give charity, alms, donations, and zakat. In Surah Taubah Ayat 34, Allah SWT said, “They who hoard up gold and silver and spend it not in the of Allah, unto them give tidings (O Muhammad) of a painful doom”.

Suppose someone thinks that collecting money is not rebuked in Quran, so they are wrong. The torment in the above verse applies to all those who collect wealth and money and never give charity.

Make a habit of doing charity every day:

To develop a habit of doing charity, you need to start with the small things. You need to do charity every day and give small things in charity. Hazrat Muhammad SAW very beautifully described the charity in one instance. He said, “On every joint of man, there is charity, on every day when the sunrises: doing justice between the two men is charity, and assisting a man to ride an animal or to load his luggage on it is a charity; and a good word is a charity, every step which one takes towards (the mosque for) Salat is charity, and removing harmful things from the way is a charity for you.” This hadith is narrated in Tirmidhi.

It also makes it clear that even the poor can give charity. You don’t need to be rich enough to do charity or donation in the way of Allah. Your one small good deed and help to another human can be considered charity.

Bottom Line:

The bottom line of our article is that if you want to give charity, but your heart is a lover of Dunya- collecting wealth- you need to keep the benefits of charity in focus and start from doing small donations. It will help you to overcome your greediness and spend more wealth in the way of Allah.

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