How to Improve Your Office with Digital Dentistry?

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The purpose of technologies is to facilitate and speed up tasks and problem solving — and in the dental field, this is no different. In this sense, do you know how digital dentistry can improve your office?

This method is intended to help dentists in flower mound tx perform more accurate work in less time. It also provides greater patient comfort and satisfaction. For this reason, it has become a competitive differentiator in the market.

Interested in the subject? Then follow the article to know what it is and how technology in dentistry can make a difference in your office from now on!

What is digital dentistry?

Before understanding how digital dentistry can help improve your office, it is interesting to know its concept. In practice, it covers the use of technology to perform dental procedures.

Through scanners, cameras, software, 3D printers and other modern equipment, the dentist can plan the smile and perform the procedures quickly and effectively. This is because digital dentistry allows you to eliminate manual, time-consuming and error-prone steps.

Thus, treatments can be completed in a reduced time compared to the traditional method. In addition, technology facilitates the dentist’s work, while providing better results and comfort to patients.

What are the benefits of digital dentistry?

As you have seen, digital dentistry automates manual processes performed in various dental treatments. However, its benefits are not limited to automation.

Below, see its main advantages!

Patient satisfaction and comfort

The methodology facilitates communication between professional and patient, making the treatment more participatory. With smile planning in software, for example, the client can visualize how the result will be, unlike the conventional technique.

In this way, the chance of patient satisfaction is much greater, as they will be able to clarify doubts and request changes, when possible. Regarding comfort, digital dentistry promotes it in several ways.

For example, guided surgery for implants, where no gum cuts or stitches are needed. Only one incision is made to the exact size of the implant to perform the procedure. This reduces post-operative discomfort and shortens recovery time.


Another important point is sustainability. With digital dentistry, many chemicals and materials usually discarded in the conventional method are not used.

In addition, due to digital images, there is a reduction in the number of prints and papers used for this purpose. In this way, you reduce the production of waste and, consequently, the environmental impacts of the office

More agility and less chance of errors

In digital dentistry, many processes take less time to perform, streamlining the treatment result. For example, the prosthodontist may take several days to handcraft a dental prosthesis.

In this case, there is still the possibility of a flaw, either in the shape or color of the material. Thus, it may be necessary to make adjustments so that the result is harmonious and functional, which increases the patient’s waiting time.

With digital dentistry, there are situations in which it is possible for the patient to leave the office with the prosthesis on the same day. This happens because the dentist is able to plan the smile using intraoral scanners and cameras that transfer the images to the software.

Then, the program sends information about the exact characteristics of the prosthesis to the 3D printer or milling machine — equipment that sculpts the tooth from a block of the chosen material.

In this way, the prosthesis can be made in a few hours and, as a rule, brings a perfect fit, as it was produced in an automated and personalized way. This reduces the need for adjustments.

There are also other accelerated processes and treatments with the use of technology. Among them is the preparation of documentation, production of orthodontic aligners, etc.

How important is digital dentistry to your practice?

Through this method that streamlines procedures and brings more comfort to patients, you can expand opportunities in care. Consequently, there are also greater chances of growth of your practice.

This is because, by automating processes, you will advance tasks and release the patient in less time. Therefore, you can serve more customers, increasing your productivity and revenue. Furthermore, the convenience generated by digital dentistry is an attraction for patients.

This factor can make your office a reference and get ahead of competitors that do not use so much technology. In the increasingly competitive market, these points count for the clinic to stand out and reach a successful position.

How to improve the office with digital dentistry?

You have understood how digital dentistry brings many benefits to patients and the dentist. Now, it’s worth checking out how to improve your office using technology. With the support of these tools, you can:

Produce dental parts such as dentures, molds, crowns, veneers and dental aligners quickly and accurately;

Perform implants with less risk and greater patient comfort;

Obtain high resolution images that allow more effective planning of dental treatments.

In this context, take as an example Angelus ‘ glass fiber discs and blocks, the fiber cad – post & core. With this product, you can manufacture anatomical and aesthetic cores using the cad/cam system.

It is important to know that digital dentistry is also present in the way dental materials are produced in the industry. With the support of advanced technologies, Angelus manufactures its products with the aim of offering the best for professionals. Take the opportunity to get to know 3D safemix — mixing tips.

As you have noticed, digital dentistry brings the improvement of dental products and the execution of procedures and treatments. In this way, they can improve their practice, helping the business to succeed.

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