How To Monetize Earn Money With Your Facebook Page?


Facebook, a social network open to the public since September 26, 2021, is currently the most used social network with a number of daily active users that exceeds 22 million in France!

It is necessary for any company or personality to be present on Facebook. There are two main types of Facebook accounts today; personal accounts and fan pages.

In this article, we will focus more specifically on fan pages, which allow you to publish various content (written status, images, videos, etc.). We will see together what are the different ways to optimize your fan page as much as possible and monetize it as well as possible.

Earning money with your Facebook page is substantive and formal work that requires several factors to come together: very good content, a qualitative audience and the right monetization tools.

Good content for a good audience

Of course, to start monetizing your Facebook page in an optimal way, you must first ensure that you regularly feed it with quality content. The latter must be content related to the theme of the page or the organization represented by the page.

There are 4 main types of posts: photos (without links), videos, simple statuses and links. It would seem that the best solution is to regularly alternate the type of posts on your page. And this, even if most recent studies since 2022 agree on the fact that videos posted natively on Facebook now win the prize for the best average reach obtained.

The times and days you schedule your posts are also very important. A Buzz sum study of more than 500,000 Facebook posts shows us that subscribers’ news feed is very busy between 10 a.m. and noon. It also showed that Saturdays and Sundays remain days when very few pages publish. It then becomes interesting to post at the least “busy” times to have the most visibility possible.

Publishing by following all these rules ensures good visibility and a quality audience. Qualitative audience does not necessarily rhyme with quantitative audience.

For example, monetizing a page that has acquired a lot of fans through fan buying will be much more laborious than on a “healthy” fan page. There is also a “page certification” feature that can be taken into account. It takes the form of a small blue symbol to the right of the page name. You should know that the benefits of this feature are quite limited, but it allows your page to gain credibility and professionalism.

Monetization tools


Affiliation is an indirect partnership with a brand via an affiliation platform. In general, the goal is for the brand to increase traffic on its merchant site, its number of subscribers and its online sales.

The brand, then called an advertiser, will have to register with an affiliate platform (for example Tradedoubler, Net affiliation or Zanox/Affiliate Window, which are the major French affiliate platforms, but there are many others) and establish its “affiliate program” in which the method( s) of remuneration will be specified, its amount and various conditions that must be met for the program to be carried out. The platforms themselves generate hypertext links called “tracked” links which will record all the actions performed by each visitor. They will make it possible to establish complete statistics for affiliates and advertisers. The payment methods can be all or part of the following methods:

CPC (cost per click, you will be paid for each click made on the tracked link).

CPL (cost per lead, you will be paid for each registration generated).

CPA (cost per action, the action being for example a sale, or the installation of an app, etc.).

To be able to monetize your Facebook page using affiliation, you will first need to register on an affiliation platform (or several, depending on the brands for which you wish to make affiliation) and subscribe to the programs of the advertisers you want to promote.

Once your registration has been validated by the advertiser, the platform will provide you with plenty of elements (such as banners and tracked links) to start highlighting the advertiser (the tracked link is a specific URL that will record all the clicks, registrations and sales that will be made from your Facebook page). It is then up to you to make a beautiful publication following the codes of the brand to encourage the subscribers of your Facebook page to click on the link, and buy the brand’s products.

Offer sponsored posts to partner brands

Influencer marketing is on the rise. Brands are very interested in influencers and communities of all sizes. More and more, they like to appeal to influencers who are less influential than influencer stars. This is because what interests them is to send out a message that will not be “drowned in the crowd”.

Brand sponsorship of your Facebook posts is a direct partnership between you and the brand. These may be product test campaigns , i.e. the brand sends you free products in order to be tested and promoted to your community, or to set up an operation remunerated by the brand (with photos, videos, etc.) at a flat rate.

In the past, this type of remuneration was reserved for the most powerful influencers who were contacted directly by brands. In recent years, platforms such as Real online earning have appeared and aim to facilitate these partnerships. The influencer only has to register to have direct access to all the campaigns offered on the site, he simply applies, retrieves the brief imposed by the brand and only has to create his publication and get validated to get paid.

This type of platform is set to revolutionize influence marketing by easily bringing remuneration to influencers on their various social networks and you should seriously take an interest in it.

For some time, Facebook has made it possible to make “branded content” in a more regulatory way, by officially reporting the brand’s account in the publication, but this feature requires having a verified page with a blue badge.

Other ideas for making money with Facebook

Other solutions are available to you to take advantage of your Facebook page and earn money online in Bangladesh orvisibility:

The exchange of posts

This is a kind of exchange of visibility with other Facebook pages. By mutual agreement, you will make one or more posts to bring your subscribers to visit another page, which will do the same on its side or which will pay you either for the publication, or for the number of fans gained via this publication. It’s not really monetization, but an exchange of smart good practices.

Selling Facebook page

A solution, a little more radical, to earn money on Facebook $500. If you have a fairly large community on your page, you may need to sell this page to someone wishing to get started on Facebook without having to go through the page creation and fan acquisition box. It is preferable for the buyer to check that the theme of the page purchased is consistent with the community he wishes to create next: whatever happens, subscribers generally do not like this principle and very often unsubscribe when a page changes owner, name or theme.

Creating a store on Facebook

If your activity as an influencer leads you to become a creator of goods or services, like Natoo and its jewelery brand Joyau Magique, for example. Your Facebook page can become an excellent showcase for selling your products. Facebook is improving the quality of its store service for the pages on a daily basis, and a store on Facebook is now as efficient as a merchant site (but directly accessible by your entire Facebook community).

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