How To Prevent YouTube From Pausing Automatically?

Fixes to Resolve," Why does my youtube keep pausing?" issue.

Imagine you are all set with snacks to watch your desired Youtube video and suddenly “Youtube stops automatically” and keeps on pausing, it can indeed irritate anyone not just solely you.

As we truly understood the plight of the sufferers, we have researched thoroughly and done a brief analysis of the fixes which will assist you in getting rid of the Youtube stop and start.

So, without making you more impatient, let’s start up our engines and move to the Fixes to resolve the “Youtube stops automatically” issue.

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Fixes to Resolve,” Why does my Youtube Keep Pausing?” issue.

As we mentioned above, here are the potential fixes that you can try to resolve, “Why does my Youtube keep pausing?”

1. Ensure that you are connected to a fast and stable internet connection.

It is very evident that without a fast and stable internet connection, you will surely face such types of issues, so make sure you are connected to a reliable internet connection.

2. Switch off Remind me to take a break option.

Check if you have switched on Youtube “Remind me to take a break option” if yes, then with the immediate effect turn it off to make sure you have to encounter the “Youtube starting and stopping” issue.

3. Configure Youtube Auto Pause Settings.

You can also try tweaking Youtube Auto pause settings to resolve problems such as Youtube stopping automatically, you just have to set up an extension titled Autotube on your browser and you are good to go.

We hope by applying this fix, you may get rid of issues such as issues and back to your Youtube videos.

3. Clear Cache and Data of Youtube App.

Users have reported and stated that clearing cache and data of Youtube app resolved their issues such as “why Youtube suddenly stops” query and made them use Youtube like before.

As it worked for many Youtube users, there are probable chances. that it might work for you as well if you are having issues while using the Youtube app and watching videos of your favourite Youtube channels.

4. Delete cache and data of your preferred browser.

Every time you visit a website, your browser stores cache and data, for ease such as faster redirecting and loading. But, Sometimes the abundance of stored data and cache prevents you from enjoying your desired youtube video.

So, it was advised to delete cache and stored data of your preference to get rid of “why my youtube keeps pausing” type queries and be able to enjoy your favourite Youtube videos.

5. Update your YouTube App.

Open Up your respective App store and check whether there is any update available or pending of the youtube app is on the list or not.

If yes, then Update it immediately to get rid of Youtube stops automatically issue.

6. Temporarily turn off your Antivirus or farewell.

It has been that sometimes AntiVirus and windows firewalls give birth to such issues. So, to make sure you don’t face any repercussions while enjoying your favourite youtube video or youtube starting and stopping issue, you can try Temporarily disabling your running AntiVirus or windows firewall.

As many users also reported, turning off AntiVirus and firewall resolved such starting and stopping of youtube videos issues.

These are some of the potential fixes which may help in resolving youtube keeps pausing issues.

Lastly, we believe that the Fixes we have enlisted in this briefed article through research and analysis will surely help you in getting rid of errors such as “why youtube suddenly stops” and will be able to watch and enjoy your desired videos anytime.

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