How to Ride Side-by-Sides and ATVs in a Sand Dune

You don’t have to travel far to find the opportunity to ride the best dunes, with stunning views of the countryside from Peru to Australia’s Red Center. Here is a summary of some of the best UTV and ATV dunes in the United States.

But first, we’ll cover some tips for driving in the dunes

Driving an all-terrain vehicle across Sand Dunes In Michigan requires special sand driving skills to maximize your adventure and ensure your safety while driving. Sand Dunes In Michigan carry danger, such as unexpected potholes known as “witch’s eyes” and steep descents. The best way to avoid them is to angle towards the dunes. That way, instead of heading to the dunes, you can see the other side.

If you get stuck, resist the urge to bend back and forth. This only causes the vehicle to sink further into the sand. Instead, it’s usually better to try to get back to the hardened sand on the rear truck. However, if you get stuck, you will need to use a winch or tow rope to escape.

Most importantly, always wear a helmet and goggles when driving side by side. They help keep you safe, and colored glasses make it easier to see during your daytime sun adventure. Another need is to equip the vehicle with a flag with a whip high enough to allow other drivers in the dunes to see.

Most of the dune promenades are remote, and stranded riders can easily sneak into the panorama between the dunes and ridges approaching the horizon. Always be in a group and let others take your itinerary home. Also, be sure to carry emergency supplies such as first aid kits.

America’s best dune park

Imperial Dunes: The Imperial Sand Dunes In Michigan Recreation Area, the country’s largest OHV open sand road, is part of the vast sandy waters of Mexico and is widely known as Lagoons Dunes. Over 118,000 acres of stunning geological formations, as high as 300 feet, are available for off-road vehicles. The main off-road terrain is south of highway 78, and given the hot summer temperatures, the best season to drive is from autumn to spring.

Nevada Dune: The largest dune field in Silver State, the Winnemucca Dune stretches nearly 40 miles and is set against a stunning desert mountain background. Off-road operation is permitted on most of the Land Management Department’s land composition and private land.

Oregon Dunes: The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is located in the largest layer of dunes in the United States, showing the Pacific coast along the central and southern coasts of Beaver. Here you will find stunning barren sand pits filled with temperate rainforests that provide a unique landscape for ATVs and UTV bikers ready for dunes. Fog is common in the summer and often impairs visibility, but it adds to the overall ocean atmosphere.

Anthony Dunes: Shiny quartz particles, four wheels, side-by-side rider, cents stacked up to 400 feet high. Anthony rides on the Sand Dunes In Michigan. Characteristic features include a very steep choke cherry dune and a nearby dead horse bowl.

Hot Well Dunes: Nearly 2,000 acres, Hot Well Dunes isn’t a huge sandbox, but it’s fun. There are many circumferential sand trails and major dunes with bathtubs supplied by hot artesian wells for perfect flooding after boarding.

Little Sahara Recreation Area: Approximately 60,000 acres of dunes of sage and juniper define the grounds for this special land management office in the heart of the Sevier Desert, Utah. The abundant sand from the disappearing Pleistocene Lake Bonneville provides some of the best dunes in the western mountainous region. Popular areas include a variety of well-developed Black Mountain Trails and beginner-friendly dunes to the south, but the summit is Sand Mountain. The 700-foot dunes are also a fascinating challenge for experienced riders.

Little Sahara State Park: Approximately 1,600 acres of dunes from the ancient Cimarron River bed offer some of the best trails in Central America in the well-named Little Sahara State Park. With the dunes rising about 75 feet, this site offers a large playground for ATVs, UTVs, and buggies.

Silver Lake State Park: East of the Mississippi River, the only Sand Dunes In Michigan open to all-terrain vehicles wait along Lake Michigan in Silver Lake State Park. It has 450 acres of off-road mixing sites and pretty nice terrain.

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