How to Support Yourself During Grad School?

While so many students decide to jump right into positions within their field immediately after college graduation, you may have opted to continue right on for that graduate degree. The experience they gain when working within their professional field could help but you are reluctant to put your studies on hold. You know so many people who had every intention of going back to grad school only to get so caught up in their jobs that grad school on the back burner stayed right there until it burned itself out. You are determined to get that M.S. or PhD. before entering the workforce. That’s all well and good, but have you decided how you will support yourself during grad school? Check out these suggestions.

1. Copywriting within Your Field

Copywriting is an amazing way to make money during grad school. You can set your own hours and if you are considered an “expert in your field,” which grad students often are, you can charge a higher amount than the typical outsourced copywriters. Why not take advantage of that new laptop your parents bought you as a graduation gift from the website? Bear in mind that many gigs will simply be SEO articles with no substantive content while other jobs will require a high level of knowledge and expertise within a field. As a grad student, you would be miles above the typical copywriter in your field, so you could actually make a decent living writing about a subject that interests you.

2. Tutoring

There is money to be made in tutoring as well. This is especially the case if your major is in one of the STEM disciplines. Whether you tutor middle school, high school or even college students, there is always a need for that extra bit of help some students really need. You could set your own hours and if you are studying for your graduate degree online, your schedule is already quite flexible. Tutoring might be just the thing for you!

3. Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants and Student Loans

While these forms of financial aid probably won’t totally support you, they can give you a cushion so that your earnings could be used for things like rent, food, utilities and even entertainment. Grants and scholarships are usually quite precise on the terms of the award, but any money toward tuition, books, and other things directly related to your studies can enable you to use what you earn toward the cost of living. 

With so many opportunities for remote work and that brand new PC or laptop you got for graduation, there is no reason why you can’t support yourself during grad school. It will take a real effort to maintain good grades while working, even part time at your own convenience, but it can be done. Just remember there is no one looking over your shoulder so it’s up to you to stay focused. Keep your eyes trained on the road ahead of you and with these tips for supporting yourself during grad school, you can make it happen. In fact, it can be easier than you ever imagined possible.

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