What to Do When the HP Printer Driver is Unavailable

HP Printer Driver

HP is a popular printer brand around the world. People prefer HP devices because they are very budget-friendly and robust. These gadgets offer a simple interface to the users. You can easily install and configure your HP printer. For configuring the printer with a PC, you need driver software. This software creates a communication channel for your printer and PC. But sometimes users can get the driver unavailable error. 

Reasons Behind HP Printer Driver Unavailable Error:

  1. You don’t have an HP driver on PC
  2. Driver files are corrupted
  3. The printer can’t find the required files
  4. Your HP printer driver is outdated
  5. HP printer connection error
  6. System viruses are corrupting the HP driver
  7. The user is sending an invalid print command
  8. The printer is dealing with error code

Troubleshooting HP Printer Driver Unavailable Error:

Restart your HP Printer and PC

When the printer shows a driver unavailable error, restart your HP printer and computer. Remove the printer cable and restart the computer. When the HP printer is ON; eject the power cord. Now reconnect the cable and your HP printer will start automatically. Reconnect the print cord to the computer and send a print job. Go to the printer screen and check for the driver error.

Check for the Installed Driver

Open your connected PC and inspect your installed HP printer driver. People sometimes install the wrong driver for the printer. Every printer model has different software. You can’t use another HP printer driver for your printer. Go to your software and check the model. If you have installed an incorrect driver then remove it. Check the model number of the HP printer and install its driver. Now restart the PC and connect the printer. The printer will start working once it finds the driver. 

Repair the Driver

If the HP printer driver is not working; check for the new update. Go to the HP printer and tap on the update button. Get its latest update and now all its functions will start running. In case, the driver files are corrupted; check for the driver repair tool. Run the repair tool and it will fix all the corrupted files of your driver. If the repair tool can’t fix the error then go for reinstallation. On the computer, open the drivers’ folder and remove the HP driver. Delete all the related files of the software. Now open the HP website and reinstall the software on your computer. Connect the printer and check for the driver unavailable error.

Check the Printer Files 

Whenever your printer shows a driver unavailable error; run the troubleshooter. Sometimes printer-related files stop working and the printer shows HP Printer Error 0xc18a0206. Many errors of the printer can easily be fixed with the inbuilt troubleshooter tool of Windows. Open the troubleshooter tab and click on Printer. It will start running and checking for the printer files on the system. If any file is not working; the troubleshooter will fix it. Once you fix the files; restart the PC and make a printer connection. Now send a print job and check the printer screen for error.

Check for your Firewall

When the driver unavailable error is occurring on the wireless printer; check the firewall. The device’s firewall often interrupts the wireless printer connection. People install firewalls on systems to prevent internet threats. But sometimes the firewall also starts interrupting other connections. You should go to the computer and disable the firewall. Reconnect your HP printer via wireless connection and then take your printouts.

Remove Malware from the PC

Viruses can damage the driver files on your computer. When the user sends a print job; viruses corrupt the files. Your printer can’t get the correct command and shows an error message. To fix the printing applications error, you should remove all malware. Use anti-malware on the computer to remove all viruses. Also, delete temp files as they can also interrupt your system processes. Now resend a print job and take your printouts.

Check the Print Command

You can face errors when you are sending invalid print commands. The driver can’t get the command and the printer shows a driver error. You can’t take printouts of all files. There are several files that can’t be printed until you make changes to them. If you have a secured file; ask for permission. You can only print the file when the admin grants access. Check the print job and send a valid command to your HP Printer. 

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