Importance of Retail Merchandiser & Display in Merchandising

Importance of Retail Merchandiser & Display in Merchandising

Don’t let your brand get lost in a sea of items competing for attention at the retail level. Take advantage of a Visual Merchandising Strategy by engaging your customers and boosting sales at the point of purchase.By installing or changing the size or shape of your POP display, you can ensure that your product stands out from the rest without taking away from the other items on display.This will lead to increased sales as well as increased brand recognition and awareness.

Retail displays can do a lot to help your brand in its efforts to sell products. Having a reliable source of sales information is essential, and POP retail displays are an effective way to collect this vital information. According to the earliest research in visual merchandising, two main things impact a sale: colors and shapes. Colors and shapes influence how we process the product; how closely it matches what we expect. Since color and shape greatly impact our perception of your product, it is imperative that you have effective POP retail displays in any store that you have completed renovation or plan on running promotions.

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The POP (Point of Purchase) display increases sales. The main reason retailers use POP displays is to attract the attention of potential customers entering the store. A POP display consists of merchandise in an area that customers can enter to purchase something they saw advertised in a television commercial, on the radio, or online. For example, a consumer might enter a store and see a sign promoting an item on TV and think they should buy it. Once they look at their purchases, they can be reminded of your advertisement. If the items are tied together with merchandise such as signs, cards, or containers with your logo on them, the customer will remember you before leaving the store.

A retail merchandiser is responsible for handling all retail merchandising in a store. They are also known as retail sales personnel, as the ultimate goal of their work is to boost sales. All retail merchandisers must know how to package and display products, be able to set sales prices and tell customers about the benefits of the merchandise they sell and help customers evaluate products.

 Some of the key responsibilities of a retail merchandiser include the following: merchandising merchandise, providing recommendations for increases on sales and product quality, ensuring an organized way for customers to find their products, stocking product and displaying appropriate layouts for stores, etc. Merchanisding is the key of retail management which can be used efficiently to increase the sales in any kind of business.

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 As the ultimate sales professionals, it’s hard to believe that a merchandiser can ask for a raise. Yet, these professional sales associates have the power to make or break a store’s profits. These hard-working professionals are responsible for delivering great customer service and building relationships with store management. A retail merchandiser is a professional who is responsible for handling retail merchandising in a store. They are also known as a retail sales merchandiser as the ultimate goal of their merchandising work is intimately tied with boosting sales.

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