Let’s Remodel Your Home with Different Modifications for Seniors

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Suppose you or a friend or family member is getting mature and starting to encounter mobility challenges; modifying your home to oblige this purpose can be an accessible task.

While most people would find it simpler to remain at home until their last days, a home’s format and highlights can make that unbelievably troublesome. Bunches of steps, limited areas, numerous floors, and other routine home formats may not be an issue for more young individuals yet become almost difficult to manage as an elderly.

In this article, we’ll examine why seniors wish to get Home Modifications for Elders, give a few redesign ideas to save senior residing, and talk about how SPN Construction Mobility can assist with making your home senior-friendly.

List of Home Remodeling Options

There are numerous reasonable ways for seniors to prevent unintentional falls in the home. For example, glide bars in showers and washrooms eliminate stumbling dangers like free floor coverings. However, for seniors who live in two-story homes, introducing a stairlift might be the most reasonable and reasonable method for remaining protected while delaying the need to make untimely progress to a senior consideration.


Maybe your home has 3–4 floors, and it’s difficult for seniors to move up/down on the staircase. In this regard, installing a staircase can come up as a helping hand. It is the safest and trending mode of enhancing the accessibility of the elderly. You can install it on any type of staircase, whether you have a curved or straight one. 

Inclined Platform Lifts

For people with low mobility – home remodeling is the next way to regain their independence and improve the accessibility of their day-to-day work. The inclined platform wheelchair lifts are an essential feature that allows seniors to move from one floor to another quickly & safely. They move along the angle of the stairs and lift the person in a wheelchair easily and comfortably. Experts at SPN Construction Mobility know how to install these lifts user-friendly. 


Railings are the most valuable and helpful home remodeling equipment that helps older people maintain balance when sitting or standing. You can install them around the senior bed, on stairs, and in the bathroom to regain independence during daily work. 

Grab Bars

When it comes to your bathroom safety needs, look no further than the grab bars. This wall-mounted bar contains sturdy steel and features a 1.25″ diameter for an easy grip and a comfortable feel. Large slip-resistant pads provide added safety in the bathtub or shower area. With grab bars, you’ll never slip in the shower again. It is easy to install and blends right into the wall. 

Glide Shower Bars

Glide Shower bars, a comfortable and durable home modification, support the senior’s easy bathing experience. A good shower is essential for everyone, but it can be challenging for seniors to safely get in and out of the bathtub. By installing a glide shower bar, you’re helping them continue playing an active role in their homes. If a senior feels more comfortable getting in and out of the shower, they may get clean more frequently; and once they get the shower, they could feel more confident leaving the house, which can improve mental health. 


By installing ramps, you can help your seniors save energy and prevent them from slipping slide downstairs. Mobility is critical to their lives because it helps them lead a more independent life. When seniors go out of the house on their own, they become happy. You will also see that this mobility is wonderful as they accompany you in your jogging or running activities.

Vertical Platform Lifts

By adding a vertical platform lift, seniors can get access to a porch, deck, or other point-to-point vertical travel where a ramp would be too long or take up too much space. A VPL is like a small elevator; it moves people in wheelchairs or scooters vertically while taking up significantly less space than inclined wheelchair lifts or ramps. A VPL can serve as both an interior or exterior lift and provide access to multiple levels.

Walk-in Bathtubs

For people with low mobility, walk-in bathtubs are high-quality affordable to improve the safety and comfort of the bathroom while enhancing its beauty. They provide maximum bathing comfort with a minimum investment. You make it easy to select a bathtub that perfectly suits your needs and desires.

Walk-in Showers

Walk-in showers have become standard in new builds and remodeled bathrooms across the country. These types of showers offer easy access to seniors with no curb, door, or tub ledge to step over. The elderly and disabled can get a luxurious, spa-like experience and enjoy an open and modern feel in the bathroom.

Kitchen Modifications for Aging In Place

Roll Under Sink

Create a wheelchair-accessible sink with an accessible kitchen cabinet. Cut out the toe-kick and lower to a comfortable height. Store your wheelchair underneath or use it as a storage area for bulky items such as walkers and wheelchairs.

Lower Mounted Kitchen Cabinet

Doing the routine kitchen work is a hectic job with low mobility. So it the need to install different types of kitchen modifications for the disabled to develop a senior-friendly atmosphere. One of the main key features of these remodelings is to install lower-mounted kitchen cabinets for seniors. By this, they can easily move their wheelchairs under the sink and efficiently perform the tasks they want to achieve. 

A Sum Up 

Concluding all the discussion, we can say that making a home fully modified according to the need of seniors to let them feel independent is suitable for both of you. Whether you go with bathroom modulations, kitchen remodelings, or others, you want for the elderly.

SPN Construction Mobility gets leverage to help you out in this regard. Affordability, quality modules, and easy installations are its core competency. They understand how an older person feels when they cannot do their work. So their first and foremost wish is to modify your home accordingly. So, it’s a suggestion if you are finding a home modification provider near you, then you should trust them blindly. 

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