Lets start our Journey by Exploring basic mehndi designs


The language of art is universally which is widely used by people all over the globe. And what better than art that will decorate your hands to show off your individuality. Mehndi art comes from old Indian civilizations, and has evolved through time into the present. Indians and Pakistanis all over the world apply simple mehndi design to their feet and hands in festivities like weddings, eid, Diwali and other cultural and religious occasions.

Mehndi isn’t just well-known among the population of the subcontinent. All over the world are now getting into the trend that is more popular than ever before. There are thousands and millions of mehndi designs that you could use to decorate your hands with stunning designs using mehndi. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple design or a more intricate pattern just your fingers or whole arms and hands mehndi is adored and adored by millions of people around the world and for good reason. It allows you to explore your individuality and embrace the designs on your body with confidence and grace.

In this blog, I’ll give you a few mehndi design simple which are loved by women across the world. They are simple to apply and stunning to see. Even if you’ve got very little or no experience with mehndi, you’ll be able decorate your own and other’s hands with ease!

So, let’s start our journey by exploring basic mehndi designs as well as different kinds of mehndi art from around the globe.

Henna Design Chain Patterns

This is the most basic mehndi design you can opt for. It is made up of small flower-like patterns connected by a line of dots. It’s a beautiful appearance and simple to create. Even if you’ve not used mehndi before it is possible to do this easily.

This is a different and easy to create chain-like pattern that is very easy to make chain like. It starts at the pointer finger and moves across the palm until the opposite side on the wrist. It’s a beautiful design that covers most of your hand, but it is not too complicated, which means it is quick to put on.

This is a mix of these rhombus-like patterns which begin at the tips of your middle finger all the way to the wrist and further. This is a design that will last forever which is appropriate for every type of occasion.

Tikka Design Mehndi

Teeka is a universal mehndi style that is very universal. Not only is it simple to create, but it can be customized to match your design. Here is a very typical design for the traditional tikka design which has been popular for long periods of time.

Let’s take a look at some most modern variations of the tikka.

This is a diamond or square designed design that is elegant and modern. It’s geometric and the circles and lines are also very simple to use. You can use more shapes like triangles etc. to customize the tikka pattern to suit your needs.

The tikka pattern is altered to create hearts when hands are joined. This kind of design is more popular among brides to show affection for their spouses at their weddings. It’s also a simple and easy mehndi style that is appreciated by millions around the world.

Simple Henna Patterns

Many people may consider patterns that encompass the whole hand as complicated and difficult to use. But this isn’t always the scenario. There are numerous designs can be made with your entire hand, but they’re simple to create.

Use this design for an example. It’s a simple design that makes use of geometric patterns and lines that completely cover the hand. Although it may look complex, when you take it apart it’s just the lines and squares that are simple to apply.

Modern and stylish style that you’ll enjoy. It’s like stamping a design that appears on various places on your arms and hands and looks adorable. It’s also easy to use and is easy to do even if you’re just beginning. I hope you enjoyed the simple and adorable mehndi designs just like I did.

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