List of 10 Women Motivational Speakers

female motivational speakers

Inspiration and motivation are strong and important aspects that are needed in everyday life. People need motivation and encouragement to go through difficult times and to overcome their problems in life. There are many motivational speakers all over the world helping people, guiding and assisting them with the right set of values and principles.

With a wide range of speakers and orators available to mentor and counsel people, many female motivational speakers have gained popularity through their inspirational speeches and orientations.

Women Motivational Speakers

  1. Oprah Winfrey- An actor, philanthropist and famous female motivational speakers, Oprah Winfrey have won millions of hearts with her commendable speaking skills. She has helped many orphans and underprivileged children and families. She is a popular talk show host and she never fails to inspire people through her life journey. She is an influential personality who is known all over the world for her good work.
  2. Amy Purdy- A model, para-snowboarder and an amazing lady motivational speaker, she is a true inspiration for many. She had both her legs amputated due to a bacterial infection but this never stopped her from starting her snowboarding journey. She motivates people with disabilities to take control of their lives and not lose hope in difficult and painful times.
  3. Beyonce Knowles- Everybody knows Beyonce, there are a few people in this world who don’t need an introduction and she is one of them. She shares her struggle story and difficulties she faced during her career with the world, hoping to encourage others to follow their passions and dreams. She is the most popular female solo artist in the world.
  4. Elif Shafaq- A Turkish novelist, public speaker and activist, she has left a mark on the world with her amazing public speaking and orientation skills. People love to listen to her, she’s the author of many bestselling novels. She has always supported women, helping them with their equal rights and freedom.
  5. Brene Brown- Author of five New York Times bestsellers, Brene Brown is among the best women motivational speakers. She has shared her life story, experiences and journey through her amazing books which helped many people take the road to success. She has hosted several TED talks, orientations and seminars.
  6. Sayeeda Warsi- She is a British lawyer, politician and famous female motivational speaker who became the first female Muslim to attend Cabinet. She speaks with such power and charisma about the topics that most people won’t even talk about- racism. She believes that no person should be disgraced and left behind because of his/her cast and race. She supports people from all over the world and speaks about people’s rights.
  7. Ellen DeGeneres- A famous talk show host, she has created an everlasting impact on this world with her witty ways to influence people. Well, you will keep on laughing whenever you watch her videos, seminars or even her talk show. She believes in staying faithful to herself and that is how she inspires millions of people.
  8. Susmita Mohanty- A spaceship designer, an entrepreneur and one of the best female motivational speakers, Susmita Mohanty influences and encourages many people to keep up with high spirits and never lose hope. She is a leading motivational speaker, who guides and coaches individuals and organizations with several leaderships skills.
  9. Robin Roberts- She is one of the most courageous motivational speakers ever, she inspires people to face challenges and never give up. If you are feeling low and you think that success is far-fetched then you need to listen to Robin Roberts.
  10. Rachel Hollis- A popular TV personality, podcast host and a famous female motivational speakers, she beliefs that every moment is preparing you for the next one. She has a very positive approach to life and tries to instill the same in the people she meets. She helps people with various tools so that they can lead positive and happy life.

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