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There are a number of different reasons people seek the advice and help of a family lawyer Perth. One of the most common being divorce and all it means in terms of settlements and so on. With so many details and different laws for different situations, it makes sense to turn to someone with the training, knowledge, experience and attitude to achieve the outcomes you desire. During what might be a stressful, emotional and possibly even dangerous time, you need a professional with a deep understanding of what they do. You need a lawyer who can guide you when the path ahead looks uncertain. There are some key qualities you want in your family lawyer and here is a look at some of them.

Good at communication

It is a crucial part of a lawyer’s job to be able to communicate well with their clients, and also to communicate with other lawyers and people involved in a divorce. When you speak to your lawyer, do they explain the jargon in a way that you understand? Do you feel able to express your concerns and expectations with your family lawyers Perth? The better your lawyer is at communicating, the better they are able to negotiate settlements where applicable, argue in court, and so on.

Skills and experience in the right area

It is important that the family lawyer Perth has the training, skill and experience to represent you. This means having a focus on family law rather than criminal law, or business law for example. It also means that lawyers with a a strong track record in handling divorce cases are going to be more successful. An experienced lawyer can better protect your interests. Furthermore, an experienced lawyers has learned to stay calm, while focusing on the goals you want to achieve.

Available when you call

When you are looking into family lawyers Perth residents recommend, you need to appoint a lawyer who is available to you, especially when you need them the most. You’re under no illusion and understand that your lawyer is also attending to the matters of other clients. But when your lawyer is unavailable, you need to know that they will contact you after leaving a voicemail or message with reception. Your lawyer should get back to you within a fair timeframe, while paying attention to your concerns. If an emergency occurs, you should have a way to get in touch.


When you are looking for reputable family lawyers, you need to do your homework. Look for what other clients have to say, you can often find reviews and comments online. Does your potential lawyer sound like they are good at communicating, are they properly licensed and do they have a strong track record? Be sure to answer these questions when compiling a shortlist of potential candidates.

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