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In truth, when you ask us what a corrugated box is, we will tell you that it is an emotion, an expression of love, generosity, happiness, care, and many other things. An appealing box is one that tells a story, and a custom design makes it even more impressive. Learn the stories behind these boxes in this blog.

What is the purpose of corrugated boxes?

Corrugated boxes have a variety of advantages, so there is no single answer to this question. Despite the perk of its light weight nature, this type of box provides enough protection, stability, and strength for the goods during the shipment process. Box attached to an adhesive-coated linear board in the shape of an arch. Corrugated sheets and corrugated boxes are both made from this sheet but wait if it is made from the same material then corrugated boxes wholesale offer the following advantages.

Cardboard boxes are not as strong as corrugated boxes. Materials are biodegradable and can be recycled or reused. It is Flexible and cost-efficient, corrugated boxes can be used for a variety of purposes. It is not only environmentally friendly and pocket friendly but also has many Branding themes and customization options are available on corrugated boxes. Besides being cost-effective and lightweight, they are also sustainable. A corrugated box holds the product dry and prevents moisture and bacteria from entering.

Boxes made from cardboard versus corrugated cardboard

You have a lot of confusion in your mind if you consider a cardboard box as the same as a corrugated box. In reality, corrugated boxes are quite different from cardboard boxes. They both are poles apart and have their own purposes. Boxes with corrugated sides are especially suited for packaging and shipping large products as they are stronger than cardboard boxes. These boxes are good for shifting, software and home appliances, etc. They also work well for products that require great care when being shipped. This material is a better choice than cardboard boxes because it is durable, lightweight, and can protect your product.

Most companies use paper-pulp material in order to make up the cardboard boxes. Packaging materials made from cardboard are used in the forms of cereal boxes, greeting cards, food boxes, etc.

A cardboard box differs from a corrugated box on the basis of and how it is constructed or how durable and stable it is. While both types of boxes are made with the same raw materials. The structure of the corrugated boxes is similar, with the linear board sandwiched between multiple layers of board and the flute increasing the overall strength. Corrugated boxes are greater in durability than cardboard boxes, which are made of a single layer of heavy paper pulp. 

As far as corrugated cardboard packaging is concerned, we manufacture cardboard packaging boxes as per the specifications of our clients. Certain types of cardboard boxes can typically be used to wrap the material. Boxes of several types are available, including 3-ply cardboard boxes, 5-ply cardboard boxes, and die-cut cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes printed with custom designs, white boxes, and multi-depth boxes.  Additionally, 5 ply corrugated boxes are referred to as Double Wall Corrugated Boxes and 3 ply corrugated boxes as Single Wall Corrugated Boxes.

Boxes made of corrugated material.

Moving forward, you have understood the difference between cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes. We need to determine the durability, protection, and weight-holding capacities of the various types of corrugated boxes used in different industries.

In general, corrugated boxes can be divided into four types, corrugated boxes in one phase, single-wall corrugated boxes, double-wall corrugated boxes, and triple-wall corrugated boxes. As we discuss why they are different and their applications in different industries, we will also examine their differences.

Corrugated sheet in one phase

There are two or three sheets of the linear board for a single flute in a corrugated sheet. These sheets are attached together with adhesive. The common application for single-phase corrugated is to wrap a product for protection or cushioning, most commonly in the form of sheet rolls.

Corrugated box with one wall

A corrugated box consists of a corrugated sheet glued to two sheets of liner board and a layer of corrugated medium between them. Various retail industries and shipping companies use corrugated boxes of this type.

Double-sided corrugated boxes

Three layers of liner paper stand between two layers of paper in corrugated boxes. Sturdy boxes are therefore suitable for packing heavy items and more delicate products. For example, electronic products and software are often shipped in these boxes.

Corrugated boxes with three sides

The three sides corrugated box is made with three layers of corrugated medium and four layers of liner board. These liners and medium make it the strongest type of corrugated box. Triple wall corrugated boxes are most often used to package industrial parts thanks to their high burst strength and durability.

How are corrugated boxes used in today’s world?

Since the use of boxes is so common now, these boxes are used in every aspect of life. They are also being used to advertise companies. These boxes are being used by food and beverage companies to deliver their food. Companies also use them to store documents. Normally, these boxes are put in books shops as a place to put books and stationery items. In addition to books and stationery, clothes and jewelry can also be stored in these boxes. They can also store and deliver a variety of tools and heavy materials. Boxes like these are ideal for delivering heavier items. 

If you are buying corrugated boxes, what should you keep in mind?

If you are running a business like a franchise or a pizzeria and wish to use corrugated boxes as packaging for your products or if you intend to ship a handmade product to your customers, then corrugated boxes wholesale is the best choice. If you want to choose the perfect corrugated box, then you must consider the following factors before making your choice. In order to do choose the box, it is imperative for us to know that where this corrugated box is going to be used, what is the purpose of this box, whether it will be used for household or office or shifting purposes, etc., and once we are familiar with that, we can go through a checklist to follow up on and find the most suitable box for our needs.

A corrugated box has GSM in it. A corrugated box is measured by how many grams of ply it contains per square meter. The GSM in the corrugated box indicates the durability, stability, and bursting strength of the box. The corrugated box has a burst factor. The burst strength of a rag can be defined as the maximum pressure that can be applied before it rips. The more plys and flutes in a corrugated box, the more durable the carton will be and, therefore, the more bursting strength it will have. Before you purchase any corrugated box, you should determine its purpose. You should choose the corrugated box that is most suitable for your industry from the wide selection available on the market.

 For safe delivery of your product to your customer, you need a high-quality corrugated box. It is determined by the paper composition, the GSM, and the type of flute used.  Before ordering corrugated boxes, ask yourself where the box will be used. It can be used either to package consumption products or to ship. You can choose the type, style, and printing you are going to use on them based on that information. There are many ways to print your corrugated boxes once you select the style and type of box. After you select the style and type of box you need to select the printing method. Digital printing and lithography are the best options if it’s a consumer product. You can choose flexo or silkscreen depending on whether the item is for shipping or custom made

Which is the best choice for you? 

Choosing the right packaging company can be challenging. There are many companies competing for customers. The quality of boxes may be compromised by some companies in order to gain more orders. It is either printed with dull colors or material that is of poor quality. While some companies offer high-quality products, their pricing will sting you like a fly. We have become one of the biggest packaging companies in the country through our company Elite Custom Boxes (ECB). A company with solid experience understands what a customer needs and wants, so we will have satisfied customers. Custom cardboard boxes were the company’s main focus, providing great results at an affordable rate without compromising on quality. When it comes to lamination, we offer a variety of options. We offer a variety of printing options, including spot UV, aqueous printing, glossy printing, matte printing, semi-aqueous printing, and gold and silver packaging at an affordable rate.

Our final coat not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also protects the box from temperature effects such as heat, cold, rain, moisture, and storms. In addition to offering all the above-stated services, we also provide a daily quote for our customers. For your convenience, our team is comprised of experts in graphic design, color management, copywriting, and editing. We also have an add-ons team that is ready to provide customers with free of charge assistance which is like a cherry on the cake. Finally, we offer free shipping everywhere around the globe regardless of the number of boxes ordered. Not only will you receive 3D, HD, and hands-on samples, but you will also receive free shipping at your doorstep. Simply order now. Our team will handle the rest

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