MOP Full Form – Facts to Know About Market Operating Price

MOP Full Form

They are pronounced in similar ways and used interchangeably. But do you know what the difference between MRP, MOP and SRP is? MOP full form is  Market Operating Price which is a price proposed by the seller to the market as a whole whereas, SRP is the acronym for Suggested Retail Price. On the other hand MRP or Maximum Retail Price is a well known term in India. In simple terms it is denotes the maximum price that a retailer can charge for a particular product including taxes.

Market Operating Price, or MOP, is the actual or estimated price at which a commodity is sold by a retailer or wholesaler to the ultimate consumer. In some industries, (especially in India) MRP actually stands for Maximum Retail Price which is the maximum price that a retailer can charge for a particular product including taxes. MOP is the acronym for Market Operating Price. MOP is always lower than SRP. MOP are the price of products at which they are sold in the market, ie the price after all taxes and discounts are considered.

The term MRP is not frequently used outside of India. Most retailers also use MOP price as the base price for calculating various taxes on a product and add it to the MOP in order to arrive at the retail price. Thus, both terms are used interchangeably. The relationship between MOP, SRP, and MRP is quite simple. Determine the MOP of an item by subtracting all discounts from the SRP. The term for doing so is called MAP, which stands for Minimum Advertised Price. Map the first derivative of a function by plotting its MOP if you know both its M.R.P and its S.R.P . The latter two are easily found on any price tag, but finding the MAP can be tough for most types of products, unless you have access to a MAP calculator or you know how to find it manually. As a professional cleaning agent, MOP can be easily dissolved by water, producing cleansing foam and giving you an easy-to-use cleaning. It has characteristics of softness, good detergency and is not easy to form into dregs. The MOP liquid is dispensed from the misting spray nozzle with a simple push on the button. Addition of glycerin to the formula would help in prevention of static electricity thereby keeping your floor dry.

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