New immigration application tracker launched for spousal and child sponsorship by Canada.

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To overcome the uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and speed up the processing of applicants, Canada moved the process of immigration application online. The visa agents in Hyderabad would be extremely helpful in this case. The delayed average processing period for spousal sponsorship applicants has returned to the ideal 12 months for new applications. 

Applicants Can Check Application Status Online

  • The Ministry of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship launched a new digital case status tracker. 
  • This tracker would make it easy for those applying for a dependent spouse visa in Canada. 
  • It is an online portal on which spousal and child sponsorship applicants can pursue immigration applications online. 
  • The tracker would allow some family class permanent residence applicants, sponsors, and representatives, to check the status of the immigration file. 
  • As for the present, the tracker can be found on the government website and is only for people applying for spousal, common-law, and dependent child sponsorship. 
  • The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC); is working on delivering the same solutions to further applicant groups as the tracker is enhanced and new tools are introduced. 
  • It adds to the statement on modernizing Canada’s immigration system to help economic rescue and enhance the client experience. 
  • Hence applicants for the dependent spouse visa in Canada are much at ease.

The judgment of choosing to move to Canada is not easy; however, visa agents in Hyderabad would help a lot in the process. The immigration process to Canada can be both thrilling and stressful. Although, the new immigration application tracker would enable the clients to observe the track of the application. They could also get any instructed action done if required to keep the application proceeding as fast as possible. The tracker also helps in increasing translucency by giving access to all of the details one would get on reaching an IRCC client service agent.

  • IRCC interacts with several clients from around the world and receives a great amount of application update appeals on the phone or by email at the Client Support Centre. 
  • IRCC is willing to ensure that the clients get punctual answers to the application queries online. 
  • Thus, the launch and development of digital case status trackers; is part of IRCC’s continuous efforts of providing significant and evident data to a client. 
  • The plan that IRCC is focusing on is to update the services to reasonably respond to the requirements.

The Canadian immigration officials anticipate having made a final decision over the 147,000 permanent residence applications in the first quarter of the year 2022. The estimate is doubled of what was accomplished during the same period in the previous year. The estimate is a piece of happy news for the dependent spouse visa Canada applicants.

The IRCC remarked that, with the latest tools and investments, they would continue to reunite families and help Canada be the final destination choice for people around the world.

Immigrants to a country drive the economy, manage labor shortages, and keep the communities flourishing. The Government of Canada understands this factor and is committed to improving the client service to keep attracting talent.

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