NLP Coaching Academy In Dubai

NLP Coaching Academy in dubai

Expand your coaching Academy with NLPTech

Coaches learn to use a wide range of skills and tools in their coaching repertoire. Over time, they become more flexible in their coaching style and approach. I’ve been coaching for a long time, since the early 1990s, and between coaching schools, workshops, books, self-study and the money I’ve already spent on coaching, I’ve amassed a range of tools that I can use to help my clients achieve the changes they want to see. As a coach, I felt I was very powerful.

Then I was introduced to the NLP Coaching Academy in Dubai and was amazed at how NLP could be applied to coaching.

The NLP tools and techniques I learned at Emirates Coaching Academy enabled me to go deeper with my clients and get to the key issues faster. Each time a client participates in a coaching session, he/she gains a clear and insightful understanding of his/her problem and how to solve it. In a short session, he/she can change his/her behavior and beliefs and see lasting changes over time.

Moreover, both coaches and clients seem to really enjoy and even find the technique fun. Clients are always amazed at how quickly they “get it” and how quickly and permanently they can change their behavior.

NLP is the science of human superiority. It is based on brain activity (neurobiology) and language (linguistics). It uses modeling of the best behavior of people who behave exceptionally well. Richard Bandler and John Grinder, for example, developed NLP using the work of Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson because they were able to change their patients quickly.

People wanted to know how to do it, and Bandler and Grindle could show others how to do it effectively. Working with models brings out the best in people.

NLP also actively works with self-limiting beliefs; NLP tools help clients achieve their goals by quickly accessing these beliefs and replacing them with stronger beliefs. Beliefs control behavior, so changing self-limiting beliefs will change your behavior and help you achieve your goals.

NLP is a very deep and rich science. Unfortunately, it has a bad reputation in some circles because it has been misused. If the trainer uses NLP and does not deviate from the client’s program – which he should always do – the use of NLP will always be beneficial to the client. Its power and influence are used to help the client overcome problems and achieve the desired state in the future.

If you want a quick and lasting change, call Lynn at 847-998-9882. She will be happy to tell you how she can help you.

NlpTech is a high-performance coach. She specializes in helping women leaders and entrepreneurs reach their full potential. Years of working with large and small businesses have given their in-depth knowledge that is invaluable to her clients. For more information, contact nlptech or the email address on the website.

Thanks to our diverse experience and training and years of higher education, Empowerment offers a unique, immersive experience through our transformative training and workshops. We combine psychology and neurology with ancient spiritual teachings to help you find your path and move confidently on it every day. Discover your strength at our next event.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

We offer a wide range of NLP training, including Integrative NLP Practitioner® Certification Training and Integrative NLP Coaching, as well as advanced courses such as Accelerated NLP Master® Certification Training and NLP Coaching Training.

Transform your personal life, your career and your health

Our experiential training events are carefully designed to help you explore your inner power and gain the tools and techniques to reveal your true purpose and inner strength. We are here to be your guide to self-transcendence.

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