On what basis a Trademark registration Dubai can be rejected?

Trademark registration

Do you plan to utilize a brand name to protect another thing’s name, or can you say you’re now promoting a completely new brand? One of the primary measures you may conduct around the start of the association is to direct study on conceivable impediments to saving enlistment.

By doing a particularly systematic and coordinated availability search, chances associated with later times of the strategy and the use of the engraving may be greatly reduced. Despite good brand names, a company director should be conversant with such enlistment indicators.

Categories of Refusal

Outright grounds: Logo registration Dubai can be rejected for the trademark that can’t recognize one individual’s products/administrations from those of another and need uniqueness are helpless to dismissal.

Relative grounds: The imprint is contrasted with existing past privileges in the case of relative grounds. Important reasons might arise, specifically, where an imprint looked for is as of now being used or when an imprint indistinguishable from the imprint looked for is now being used. This article will examine the motivations behind why brand name enrollments are as often as possible disavowed.

Similarities of Logos

The Registrar of Trademarks keeps a register of all enrolled brand names in the UAE, and this register can be used to determine whether the applicant applying for brand name enlistment is nearly identical or similar to any other brand name that has been chosen or is pending before the Registrar for enlistment. To pick or detect anything almost identical, a true search should be conducted across a wide range of brand names. Trademark registration Dubai can be rejected if your business name or logo is similar to any other already registered business.

The brand consists On Synthetic Terms

Brand name does not defend common words (for example, PHONE can never enroll as a cell brand name).

Brand Individuality

However, even if it can be shown that the indications have gained discretionary value, it isn’t possible to Logo registration Dubai that miss the mark of the unmistakable individual (as in the sign can’t distinguish one firm’s goods from those of others).

Descriptive and non-distinctive

Brand name applications are frequently rejected on the grounds that the promoting articulation is completely edifying and non-specific, making it difficult to identify the source.

Aphorisms are a substantial part of the time testing to obtain inventiveness and brand name selection since their important purpose is to advance and disseminate information about the firm and its product. Because of a lack of eccentricity, publicizing sayings is constantly excused.

Consider the phrase “where all your dearest things gather.” The UAE trademark Registry refused to register this articulation in comparison to chocolates because it was “Essentially a movement of typical word reference expresses” that “would swiftly spring to perceive any concerns to transmit an exceptional requirement for frozen yogurt parlor.”


An individual’s given name can’t be registered as a brand name. Since it raises the possibility of a brand name application being denied for enlistment. This is an unequivocal justification behind refusal in a few countries. Be that as it may, in most different cases, assuming the name is fundamentally the last name, it is a general justification for refusal. In specific nations, notwithstanding, assuming a family name has acquired auxiliary worth, it very well might be enrolled as a brand name.


Many businesses think that it is easy to establish their business in the UAE. there is no doubt about it that the UAE is the land of opportunities for all types of businesses. However, the UAE business setup demands to fulfil all legal formalities including trademark registration Dubai. Before applying for one you must know the details of the rules and regulations.

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