Outdoor Smd Screen Video Wall for Smart and Smart Cities

Outdoor Smd Screen


Smart cities are when data are collected, and the results can be used to ensure smooth running in the urban area. Outdoor Smd Screen Smart cities are more sustainable and secure, where everyone is updated on the latest news and events. People are more proactive and immediately informed of any crisis and have guidelines to ensure their safety Outdoor Smd Screen.

What is Outdoor LED Walls’ purpose for the Government and Smart Cities?

Modernizing efficiency and enhancing the entire urban infrastructure. For a diverse nation like India with a massive population, sending out an urgent or emergency message simultaneously is daunting. The installation of outdoor LED video Wallsat in several locations across the city can serve as information sharing platforms. The screens will show content that a central signage system can manage.

Businesses and brands can utilize these displays to promote their products and services. This could help speed the growth of the nation.

If you go through the parking areas of malls, railway stations or government complexes and look for a suitable spot to park your vehicle, it can be long and sometimes frustrating. What happens if there is an information display at the front of the parking that will show the vacant space, and you follow the instructions to get there.

If emergency fire dangers or other emergencies arise, these displays will help you determine the direction to the secure location. It will also display additional agricultural tips and methods to keep the surroundings healthy and safe.

The integration of software solutions makes it a suitable advertising medium. This helps advertisers and brands to promote their services or products efficiently. It is possible to determine the ideal timing to reach more significant segments of your target public and engage them with your creative and engaging content. This also improves the image of the city.

What can LED-lit Walls in Smart Cities help during The Covid19 Pandemic?

We know that Covid19 is among the most prevalent diseases affecting humans. Unfortunately, because the vaccine is in its infancy, the only method to slow or stop the spread of the disease is to be protected, educated and sanitized, according to experts in the field of healthcare.

To keep people from social isolation are likely to encourage more non-contact interactions and solutions. Therefore, the usual methods such as pamphlets and posters, newspapers and others that create awareness will not be featured in the future. Instead, the LED Walls placed in various locations across the smart city will serve as a tool for information for the public. The lively visuals will draw more eyes to the display and could inform the public and raise awareness among them.

By utilizing a central solution, multiple screens throughout the city will show safety precautions and news updates and live feeds, which can create positive signs for the viewers to fight this deadly disease Outdoor Smd Screen.

Why do we need LED Video Wall Displays?

Energy-efficient and cost-effective

You probably think that all this work could cost you a lot to think about. LED Video Wall is a single-time investment with an extensive working period of 24*7 to provide continuous all year round. With constant development and advancement with the Earth Series, these displays have more energy than typical outdoor screens.

The lower power consumption will result in lower electricity costs, which will make this display economical and yield a high ROI. Moreover, it can be placed in many app areas with diverse applications, like Digital Hoarding Outdoor scoring board, LED wall, or real-time information display in airports and stations, for example.

Super Brightness

The brightness of the display makes the content visible even in brighter light. Its DIP and SMD technologies use non-reflective LEDs that help keep the display’s brightness. In addition, its brightness screen can be adjusted to stay clear and have a precise vision at all times of the day and night.

Robust Display Design

The durable design of the display, safeguarded by IP65 both on the front and back, makes this screen ideal for all harsh environmental conditions. They can be used regardless of the weather all through the year.

Easy Maintenance and More Longevity

The installation process of the LED video Wall is easy. The majority of video walls can be repaired from boththe on the front and back sides of the cabinet. This easy access lets you fix even one damaged pixel. How well is your display is maintained will eventually impact the life of your collection? The show can last a long lifespan even after being continuously used 24 hours a day for the entire year. It’s BIS certified and comes with a lengthy warranty.

Integration with Sensor Technologies

Different sensors have been connected to the display, which provides a variety of intelligent applications to make life easier for the city. For example, it displays real-time temperature, weather or any other important information about the environment. The displays can be placed on high-traffic highways and roads. They can provide you with real-time traffic conditions, accidents in emergencies, and alternate routes and directions.

What are the most important Things to Consider When Choosing An LCD Video Wall?

Distanz to View:

The very first factor to be taken into consideration when purchasing an Outdoor LED Video Wall is the distance viewers will be watching these screens. In the context of that, the necessary pitch of the pixel has to be determined. It is the difference between two pixels adjacent to each other. Thus, it is directly proportional to the viewing distance, which means that the larger the viewing distance, the higher, the more significant the pixel pitch utilized and in reverse. There’s a variety of pixel pitches available from Xtreme Media, starting from P6 to P6.

easy maintenance:

As stated in the previous guideline, in the last pointer, an LED video wall is a single investment, so when you install it, you need to ensure that maintenance and repairs even one pixel is simple. It is accessible from both the rear and front sides of the cabinet, making it easy for administration.

A Robust Solution

You should ensure that the design and technology used in this LED Video Wall will be strong enough to stand even in the most challenging conditions.

What are the technical characteristics of an outdoor video LED Wall?

Dual In-Line Package or DIP Technology

DIP technology has been the longest-running technology used in outdoor video walls, dating back to the 1960s’ early days. The three LEDs are connected separately and emit green, red, blue, or red light. 

Surface Mounted diode or SMD Technology:

SMD technology provides a higher resolution display. The three LEDs, green, red and blue, are encapsulated and placed directly on boards for PCB. This means that they take up less space and can be placed close to each other. It also generally has a smaller resolution and pixel pitch.

What are the other intelligent City Solutions We Offer?

Digital Unipole Display

LED Unipole displays are LED wall displays for outdoor use with high brightness and durable displays. 

Smart City Kiosk

Self-service kiosks can be set up at various places throughout the city. It provides the user with different information and suggestions when needed. The brightness of about 2000 nits, as well as the durability and resistance to various destructive fields, make it an ideal product for outdoor locations such as Bus stations, stops at railway stations, highways, airports, and many more.

The Xtreme Media’s Outdoor Displays and Projects

Xtreme Media is a leading Indian Digital OOH and Digital signage business. It has a variety in outdoor LED Video Walls series with more pixels pitched for various applications. We create innovative and best video walls that feature integrated video wall solutions. Here are a few of our top-quality and effective Outdoor Video Wall project Installations—

Sell One

Level One is a leading OOH Agencies in North East India and was the first company to establish an administratively controlled billboard network to promote its services in Kolkata. The outdoor LED screens have a feature a 10mm pixel pitch. Xtreme Media provided the full 360-degree turnkey service that includes the LED Display Screen, Digital Signage software Installation, and support services.

Bombay Stock Exchange

Another turnkey solution uses an LED display and a Digital Signage solution for the Bombay Stock Exchange. The answer will enhance the branding and attract customers by providing real-time information and announcements. Multiple screens have been set up for various purposes. Read an example case study to get additional details.

Barsapara Guwahati Stadium

Learn more about the difficulties and the solutions we came up with by reading our report.

Numerous More Successful turnkey outdoor video wall Solutions All over India is in use

So, you are now aware of the numerous benefits and advantages of an outdoor LED Video Wall to transform the ordinary city into a smart one. These screens are ideal for providing information for a large audience simultaneously and can withstand severe weather. Because of their long-lasting life and simple maintenance, it’s an investment that is only once and an affordable solution. With the current circumstances, the installations of these displays in many city centres can assist the government in keeping each person updated and informed with timely updates. It is essential to stay inside and practice hygiene to combat this epidemic. Follow the guidelines, avoid social interaction from the area, and remain safe.

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