What is the Process of Physical Pelvic Floor Therapy?


This is a therapy that is used to strengthen, relax and coordinate the pelvic floor muscle. These muscles are extremely important in urination, bowel movements, and sexual process. Pelvic floor muscles can become loose due to various reasons; such as childbirth, aging, or if it is kept too restricted, etc. So, this can also lead to pelvic floor dysfunctions; in which you are unable to carry out normal functions in a day. This, for treating visit a sexologist in Delhi where they will suggest the procedure of Pelvic floor therapy. Also, the doctors use this procedure of pelvic floor therapy to cure issues like urinary pr fecal incontinence; in men and women; to treat issues like pelvic organ prolapse and painful intercourse.

So, if you want to know all about the process of Physical Pelvic floor therapy; then read the article to the end.

What is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy?

It is basically a process to cure your loose and weak pelvic floor muscles. As the pelvic floor muscles are extremely important to carry out day-to-day work; and support the urinary bladder, sexual arousal, orgasms, etc. So a man or woman may go through the treatment of Pelvic floor physical therapy to get; back the strong elasticity and support back of their pelvic floor muscles.

Also, it is not necessary to walk down to a hospital to get the therapy done; as you can easily take tutorials at home, and perform kegel and pelvic floor exercises easily. But make sure that you do them regularly; with technique to see visible changes in your body.

Which techniques are used in pelvic floor physical therapy?

Before the doctor starts your therapy; he examines your internal conditions. For this, he may perform several tests on you. And take your medical history, complaints and look into your symptoms. Also, during the examination, the main focus of the doctor; is on the elasticity, pain, and tenderness of your pelvic floor muscles. So, after the internal and physical assessment of the person; the doctor may make you go through any of the following-

  1. Education– In this stage, the patient is given a lot of knowledge about Pelvic floor muscles. Also, they will tell you a lot about hygiene and the symptoms.
  2. Pelvic floor exercises– This is the stage; in which the doctors tell the patients about the different procedures and exercises which will help you relax the muscles. You should conduct these exercises daily; to see visible changes in you. These exercises will help to improve flexibility and strengthen weak muscles.
  3. Manual Therapy- In this, the therapist or the doctor; does massages which will help in stretching the muscles, improve flexibility and tighten the muscles.
  4. Pelvic floor biofeedback– In this process, people are shown how pelvic floor muscles work. For this, a probe is used and is inserted; either into the vagina of the female or in the anus of the male. Also, a computer or digital screen shows the results of the test on screen; where you can observe them.
  5. Electrical Stimulation- In this process, a very low current is used on patients; to show them how the muscles are contracted and the importance of Physical floor therapies.

A lot of urologists, therapists, gynecologists/urologists, sex therapists, and mental health professionals; perform the physical floor therapies in you.

Who does the Procedure of Physical Floor therapies-

Generally, a professional therapist conducts out the process of physical floor therapy; who has a certification in conducting them. So the therapist may get the certificate from CAPP or any other reputed organization. Also, make sure about the fact that the process of Pelvic floor therapy in you is done by a well-trained and knowledgeable sexologist; so you get the best results without any side effects.

Conditions which can be cured by Pelvic Floor therapy process-

These Pelvic floor therapies are generally given to men and women; who go through a lot of disorders of the pelvic floor region. Thus, both men and women can perform these pelvic floor exercises; to strengthen the muscles, bladder, and bowel control. Most of the patients who deal with the problem of chronic pelvic pain, bladder problems, and constipation problems go through pelvic floor therapy.

In women pelvic floor therapies can cure; the conditions such as endometriosis or vaginismus; while in men the pelvic floor therapy can be helpful in conditions such as premature and painful ejaculation. Also, this therapy is even helpful to those women; who have a history of prostate surgery; as it helps in fast recovery for them.

Consult the best sexologist-

If you feel that you are going through some pelvic floor muscle issues; then you should immediately see a sexologist. And if you are looking for the best sexologist, who has great knowledge and wide experience; then you should consult Dr. Chirag Bhandari. He is also the owner and the co-founder of the modern institute IASH, India; which deals with intimate sexual problems. Also, he has successfully solved problems for a lot of men from all around the world. His past patients highly recommend him to all others. So, do not wait and get a solution to all your intimate problems today. You can also book an online session with him.

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Take Away-

The problem of Pelvic floor dysfunction is common in men and women. But with the right exercises and treatments, one can find effective solutions to them. However, all you need to do is to consult a knowledgeable sexologist; to find a solution to your problems. So, do not feel shy or conscious about discussing these problems with doctors. And if you too are looking for a great hospital; which gives you all such treatments. Then check out the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health, India today. Also if you need any other information about the doctors and the hospital. Then you can check it out on their official site “IASH India“.

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