Performing a Background Check in India

Background Check

Recruitment is a time-consuming affair. Right from job advertising to induction, it is a lengthy and hassled process. In addition, background verification and screening of your candidates may drain your time, energy, and money. 

Since these checks are critical, businesses partner with background verification companies in India to delegate this rigorous process. This partnership yields critical results, streamlining the hiring process and facilitating onboarding on credible and talented individuals. 

The Methods to Perform Background Screening: 

The background check includes multiple services. It may vary depending on the job profile, position, and industry. For instance, advanced financial, engineering, healthcare, and legal assistance may require an advanced screening level. In contrast, it may be less rigorous in retail or sales roles. In other industries, a combination of various checks may be required; for example, a few individuals may have to undergo drug testing. 

Typically, background screening may include educational and qualifications details, including previous employment details and tenure. A reference check may always help to identify between a genuine job seeker and a mere poser. Apart from these, address and identity verification will also be part of the process. 

Let’s take a brief look at these checks: 

Educational Credentials and Qualification: 

It may be one of the prime aspects of background screening. This check rules out any false claims for qualifications that the candidate has not earned. Background verification companies in India maintain the database for verifying these details, i.e., identifying cases of degree fraudulence or forgery becomes seamless.

Reference Check:

However, a detailed and well-executed reference helps employers make informed decisions. Since this reference is critical for companies, a few candidates may try to provide falsified details. However, verifying reference checks is a tedious task. As a result, 

Financial Background and Credit Score:

Based on the job profile and industry, financial background and credit score are highly critical. For instance, in the job roles where candidates have to manage assets, large portfolios, and make investment decisions, assessing their financial profile becomes imperative. 

Criminal Record Check: 

A criminal background check is pivotal in ensuring that the candidate does not have any blots in their history that could put other employees at risk, cause reputational damage, and hurt the bottom line. However, companies have to protect candidates’ information and keep their identity confidential as per the Indian Contract Act, Information Technology Acts, and Indian Penal Code standards. Hence, it is crucial to partner with trustworthy background verification companies in India compliant with all the regulatory standards, including GDPR regulations. 

Verification of Employment Details: 

Background checks also help with verifying past employment details and performance. This check rules out any falsified information furnished by the candidates regarding their stints at a particular firm or organization. As a result, this check ascertains the candidate’s professional credibility. 

Need for Background Check

A predominant factor in conducting background checks is to protect financial assets, prevent reputational damage, uphold employees’ safety, and hire credible candidates. Therefore, background screening averts any liability to the firm and business operations. Moreover, since background verification can outline critical pointers regarding a candidate’s profile, it can showcase all qualities ascertaining their suitability for the job role. 

Avoiding background screening for the new employees, irrespective of their role or experience can become challenging for your organisation. Any candidate with any history of discrepancy may negatively impact your firm’s reputation, encompassing multiple areas. 

However, these concerns can be resolved by partnering with background verification companies in India. But, it is crucial to partner with credible companies utilising AI-enabled solutions and facilitating minimal manual intervention to carry out background checks.

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