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PRINCE2 training

The PRINCE2 training validates your knowledge of how to study PRINCE2, is an important incentive for anyone seeking a career in project management, and is a prerequisite for becoming a PRINCE2 training.

According to the APM group, 95% of applicants passed the basic exam. With a little preparation after taking the PRINCE2 training, there is no reason why you should not pass the exam on the first try.

PRINCE2 training Configuration

  • 74 multiple choice questions
  • Acceptance score 50% (38/75)
  • holiday book exam


  • The formal course describes the four competencies required for entry-level candidates.
  • Describes the purpose and important elements of all roles. Eight elements of the eight processes and methods associated with the PRINCE2 training.
  • Describes the managed products that are populated, exported, and updated through the eight Management Processes (CS) and Managed Product Delivery (MP) processes and sub-processes.
  • Describe the main goals and key components of the main managed products.
  • Describes the relationship between operational, delivery, role and project management levels.

In other words, the core test tests your familiarity with PRINCE2 training and principles and your understanding of the relationships between these factors.

Valid Question

General PRINCE2 training includes definitions of terms. A description of the benefits of PRINCE2 technology that defines the relationship between a specific PRINCE2 product and a process role.


Which of the following does not have a project dashboard?

A) extra points

B) Centralized reporting

c) close the project

D) Bundle license

Exceptional rating. Exceptional reports submitted by the project manager are evaluated by the project committee.

Basic reports. Progress reports provided by project managers and project committees are used to track progress.

Project Completion – Information provided by the project manager to the project committee to ensure that the project is ready for completion.

Work Package Approval − The project manager provides the team leaders with work packages.

Only work packages that are not on the project board are allowed. Determining the important terms and their relevance is the basis for answering this question.

Strategy Overview

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam includes a library of over 900 questions. Due to the limited number of questions, the more exercises, the more questions you will be asked. The more familiar you are with the question format, the better the results. And you are more likely to do well on the test.

Graphs such as flowcharts and organizational models. It is a valuable tool for learning, understanding and repeating the PRINCE2 method. Repetition of these diagrams requires logical improvements in all aspects of the PRINCE2 method and a deep understanding of the method.

Test strategy

The most important thing is time. Everyone has 75 questions in 60 minutes and 45 seconds to get a minimum passing score. Each correct answer takes 90 seconds. Eliminating differences in question difficulty is another important part of a testing strategy. All questions have the same weight. Therefore, do not spend too much time answering the question. However, some questions may be more difficult than others. This takes time, so you must answer all questions because there are no negative signs.

One strategy is to do the paper three times.

  1. Answer all questions. Turn away unfamiliar questions.
  2. Read the question carefully and avoid the inevitable mistakes, such as choosing the right answer when asking the wrong question.
  3. Think about the time left, the questions are still vague and unclear.

You can get a high score on the PRINCE2 training even if reasonable opinions and test strategy scores don’t affect your doctor’s test results. However, statistics show that those who did well on the first trial did better on the second trial. In other words, if you have the basics, you are more likely to pass the exam. It also gives you a good basis for a professional qualification.

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