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People who are dealing with low mobility have to face many challenges, including moving around, preparing meals, and taking a shower. Therefore, it is essential to make modifications that help them make their lives easy. 

To make your home accessible, some key locations need modification. Apart from all the places, the bathroom is the riskiest and dangerous area for the disabled and elderly. 

Do you want to know why? The answer is quite simple. Because when the water runs in the bathroom, it gets slippery, and thus it becomes difficult for the disabled person to shower without the help of any other person.

To solve these problems, there are unique Bathroom Designs for the Elderly and Handicapped that help them take a safe shower and make their shower experience better.

There are different types of modifications and mobility equipment that you can install in the bathroom, but the most important is to establish a ‘handheld shower glide bar’.

If you don’t know about these glide bars, let’s get into it and explore more about them.

A shower glide bar is an easy way to adjust the position of the shower for people of varying heights. Because they are adjustable, these work best for everyone in the house. 

Why Should You Install a Shower Glide Bar?

It is complicated for a disabled person to take a shower alone. If you use a static shower, you have to move towards the shower because they are fixed to some height and position. 

This is difficult for the disabled or a person in a wheelchair because they cannot move their body to that certain height. Here is the point where hand held shower comes into the ground. 

A Handheld Shower for the Elderly allows you to thoroughly rinse your body by directing the flow of water where you want and without the assistance of any other person.

A slide bar in the shower is at a static height so that everyone in the house can use them. But, you can adjust them and bring them to any position convenient to you. 

The height of the shower depends on the choice of the person. Some people want to have the 

showerhead as high as possible over the head, while some prefer it to be a little bit closer. 

They glide on the slide bar to put the showerhead where you want it to be. If I put it in simple words, then it means that everyone can adjust the shower height according to their convince. 

So, anyone in the house can bring it down closer to their level and make their shower experience the best. 

This is how you can make your bathroom more accessible for older adults. However, folwing are the benefits of installing a Hand Held Shower Head for the Disabled and the Elderly;

Adjustable Heights

One of the main benefits of the glide bars is that you can install them in various configurations, and you can install them horizontally, vertically, and also diagonally. 

But, with every configuration, constructions adjust the handheld shower in a position where the water hits the muscles in the right spot. 

Best for Disabled Individuals

There is no doubt that a hand shower glide bar makes it tremendously easy for people with mobility problems to take a shower. Moreover, they feel safe inside the bathroom while they take a shower. 

But, you might be thinking about how a person who uses a wheelchair can take advantage of these shower heads?

It’s simple and easy. Bathroom, in which you have installed a shower glide bar system, will allow the person who is a wheelchair user to adjust the shower in a position in which they can shower without standing in the bathroom. 

In addition to this, they can easily hold these showers in their hands and wash their body quickly. So, they can take a safe and secure shower with the help of this Glide Construction.

Multiple Hand Held Shower Heads 

Hand-Held showers give you a warm massage feeling because you can use them to flow water on your body parts. Therefore, if you need a massage, you can also install multiple shower heads in the glide bar. 

Installing multiple shower heads means that you can use one shower head to hit the lower back while another one to hit the back of the neck, where you need a more relaxing shower. 

Practical yet Temporary Solution

If your bathroom doesn’t have a handheld shower, you can install them in your existing bathroom. These are the best temporary solution to deal with mobility issues.

It is the perfect choice for those houses where there are many people, and they use the same bathroom. Thus, it allows you to use the shower comfortably and efficiently.

Efficiently Rinse your Body

It is pretty tough for disabled people to rinse their bodies or hair. For instance, they cannot easily remove shampoo or conditioner from their hair with the help of a static and simple shower.

Installing Shower Glide Bars allow you to clean your body quickly and efficiently. You don’t have to worry bout missing soap suds or remaining shampoo in your hair. Just bring the shower near you, and it will thoroughly wash your hair and body.

Thus, these shower heads make your shower experience more relaxing. Moreover, you don’t need any other person or caretaker inside the bathroom to help you during the shower. So, it will eliminate the need for any other person so that you can enjoy your privacy. 

A Quick Wrap Up!

To conclude, we can say that if you are looking for an instant solution to increase your accessibility while showering, then you should install Hand Held Shower for the Elderly. Various companies offer a comprehensive collection of these showerheads.

Still, if you want well-constructed showerheads made according to ADA, you should buy them from SPN Construction Mobility. They have a pepper team, who listens to your problems, has a friendly tour of your bathroom area, suggests the best solutions, and installs any mobility equipment that you choose. They cover everything from the selection to the installation to make your life easy so that you can gain back your independence. 

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