How to Choose the Perfect Quran Teacher

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When you’re learning the reading or recitation Tajweed and the translation of Quran Teacher, the parents are looking for an expert, skilled and skilled teacher who can impart the principles in The Holy Quran in a perfect way. Therefore, finding a reputable online Quran teacher for your children is not easy. In this day and age of technology and the internet, increasing numbers of people, particularly those westerners, are involved in Quran Teacher learning platforms. What are the qualifications of your Online Quran teacher?

Let me shed some light on the subject through this article. The online madrassa for kids is a top-quality, highly trained female and male teacher equipped with the following qualities. The following lines will help you select the best Quran instructor for your children.

Higher Command in the Arabic Language

A complete command of knowing the Arabic Language is the primary quality that makes a Quran tutor stand out among the best Quran tutors. An instructor who speaks an Arabic mother tongue can communicate the understanding and reading of the Holy Quran more perfectly than anyone else. In this regard, Allah (SWT) affirms:

“Indeed We have created it into the basis of an Arabic Quran that you might recognize

Thus each Muslim must learn to read the Holy Quran in its original Language. Also, keep in mind that any error in its interpretation could alter its meaning, and it is considered a sin.

Experience of Quran Teaching

A vast Quran Teaching experience is required to teach Quran online. Quran teaching is not similar to leading an ordinary book. This can be described as an instruction in the Word of Allah regarding which the teacher must be knowledgeable. Teachers must be aware of the mental state and the caliber of the children and teach according to their needs. Thus, a knowledgeable teacher will work well on an online Quran platform for teaching.

A teacher must work with children of every age, including adults and adults. A tutor who is inexperienced and has only an academic understanding of The Holy Quran may not satisfy the varied population of people all across the globe. Quran teaching isn’t just about giving the knowledge about The Holy Quran but also encouraging children to be moral as well as practical Muslims, and this requires an expertly skilled and knowledgeable Quran Teacher tutor who can help your children understand the real purpose of life, that is serving Allah.

School of Thought

Another essential aspect is asking your Quran teacher to determine which kind of school (Madhhab) he is a part of.

The most important school of thought around all of the globe are:

Madhhab Hanafi

Madhhab Shafi’i

Madhhab Maliki

Madhhab Hanbali

While all Muslims adhere to the Quran and the Sunnah written by The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW), some minor differences distinguish these two groups. They have slightly different beliefs on specific aspects of Islam. This is why you should keep this fact in mind when choosing who will be your Quran teacher. It will help you stay focused on specific issues of Islam.


Keeping Ijazah Ijazah is a different significant aspect in the Quran teacher. It’s the genuine Quran teaching license that reflects the education, experience in teaching, and knowledge of your Quran teacher.

Check which Ijazah / Certificate or Sanad, your teacher holds between the two kinds.

Sanad to Quran Memorization / Hifz

Sanad is a part of Quran Recitation with Tajweed

Choose your instructor according to the specific class.

Moral Status

The Quran teacher must be an example of moral integrity. Although it’s difficult to assess one’s ethics, certain qualities should be present for the Quran teacher, such as making a habit of praying frequently as well as being trustworthy in all financial and trade matters, refraining from using abusive words or slandering any person, or engaged in social ills. Of course, there is no way to be flawless, and Quran teachers aren’t an exception. They aren’t angels. However, they should show the light Quran and Sunnah by their actions.

It’s the light they send to your children!

Quran Instructor of the same gender

Parents can choose anyone Quran educator regardless of gender for their children. However, they must make a careful decision when they select the gender of their teacher for their sons and daughters who are adults. There are various reasons to choose either a female or male teacher. For instance, young girls may be nervous about embellishing their voice with any beauty or melody before a male instructor. Similar is the situation for males who are not confident about improving the tonality and voice pitch before a female instructor.


Learning to comprehend, read, and translate the Holy Quran requires a significant commitment of time, effort, and money. Therefore, it is easier when you have the right Quran instructor. Its web-based Quran tutoring platform provides the finest choice for your online Quran tutors, considering all of the mentioned features.

You are welcome to join us anywhere on the globe, and tell us which of our courses you’d like to be a part of. We aim to spread the illumination of The Holy Quran, and we feel blessed to be of service to you!

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