Reasons You Need to Trust Social Security Disability Lawyers

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It is a fact that 60% of people do not get compensated for social security because they do not bother to claim the amount in court. Everyone submits a fixed portion of monthly income to the social security fund but in the case of disability, the fund seems useless because people do not get compensated for that. However, the law provides rights to claim the amount with relevant evidence. You must know how lawyers work in this regard. This article will let you know important facts. Let’s dive into details: 

You Can Claim for Benefits 

The first important thing is to know that you can claim benefits. You should come out of this perception that you cannot claim the amount because this will resist you from taking legal action. However, it is important to analyze circumstances because this will help in knowing the probability of winning the case. Social security disability law protects people and their rights. In short, you should figure out all the facts before claiming the amount. 

Contingent Fee 

The second important thing is that disability lawyers do not charge an advance amount as you can pay them on a contingent basis. All lawyers do not agree on contingent payment however most of them serve their clients by agreeing on a contingent fee. It means that you won’t have to pay in advance and you will be on the safe side. You will pay the amount only after winning the case and getting the claimed amount. So, there is nothing wrong with proceeding with legal action. 


Lawyers understand that disabled persons cannot do most of the tasks on their own so they make sure to assist them in legal proceedings. You should simply hand over the case to a professional lawyer who specifically handles such cases. You can ask the lawyer regarding his experience and if you feel satisfied regarding his services, ask him to assist you in the whole legal process. This will help you stay back at home and not suffer the pain of going out. 

Lawyers Collect Evidence 

Lawyers collect legal evidence when it comes to fighting a case in court. They make sure to attend court hearings with full preparation and they provide relevant and strong evidence. Professional lawyers always strive to win the case in one or two hearings. You should simply trust the procedure lawyer follows as interfering with their method can create problems. Even if the first hearing does not seem good, you should not judge the abilities of a lawyer as things can go in your favor in the next hearings. 


Time-saving is another advantage of hiring a social security disability lawyer. They save the time of their clients by doing all things on their own and they do not bother their clients to come out of their comfort zone. In short, these facts are vital to consider and if you are facing troubles in getting the compensation, feel free to contact a professional lawyer. 

But when you suffer from a disabling accident or illness, you might struggle to enjoy all that your town has to offer. You may have difficulty finding work, paying bills, and supporting family members.

Fortunately, you can save yourself the stress and worry when you file for social security disability through Horn & Kelley, PC Attorneys at Law. Our social security disability attorneys near Merrillville, IN can help you fill out the paperwork and fight for your benefits.

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