Renting or Buying a Commercial Space

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One of the more important business decisions you might make is whether you are going to rent commercial space for your business or look at commercial space for sale in Kolkata. Whether you are looking for a factory, an office, shop space or something else this is going to be one of, if not your biggest asset. It is crucial to consider the options and choose something that suits you best. With a rental or lease you have more flexibility as you can move when the rental period is done, if you find it is not the best location for you or your company is growing out of it. But with ownership, you have the advantage of the property appreciating in value and being an additional asset you have and can draw upon. Here is a closer look at the 2 options. Choosing Alviso apartments for rent is a very affordable and better way in 2022.

Purchasing commercial space

As mentioned one of the big reasons a business will buy the property or space is then it is an asset they own and that asset should build in value over time. That adds value to your bottom line and having a commercial mortgage for commercial space for sale in Kolkata is often less costly than people might think. Repayments for that mortgage are lower than the amounts you would pay to rent the same space. Another advantage is that by having a mortgage you then have fixed monthly expenses. There is no chance of a landlord raising the rent on you by large sums each year.

You have more flexibility too if you choose to buy a commercial space that is actually larger than what you need. You can rent out the extra space to another business and make money from the rental that you can use to cover your mortgage payments and then eventually it will be a part of your profits. It does require a large deposit though. You would need to save enough, around ¼ to ½ of the purchase price. When you own the property you are more entrenched where you are, it is harder to move to a new commercial office space Kolkata if you wanted to.

Renting commercial space

Renting make a lot of sense if you are a startup or new business as you may not yet have built the capital required to invest in buying a commercial office space Kolkata. If you want to save your capital and put it expanding your business or product you are more able to. You can move to a larger building more easily when the business grows enough and you want to expand. Not onwing the building also means you do not have to pay for its renovations and repairs and care. The landlord will have to handle decoration, maintenance, security and all of that. If there is a downturn in the market you will be impacted but you would face rent increases your landlord would likely do to offset that.

Bio – Boasts of a towering structure with 15 floors of modular office spaces to suit small office requirements along with scalable options. Built over 1 acre land, the Building with 5 levels of parking in the 3 podiums and 2 basements and retail area in the Ground and Mezzanine floors, creates the unique combination of Office space complemented with retail zones to cater to the occupants and the vicinity.

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