Simple Interactive Content Ideas

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A great way to increase engagement and diversify your normal publishing process is to use interactive content. Interactive content raises viewer interest, increases clicks, and increases opportunities to inform and inspire the network.

Interactive content includes content that users can click, click, respond to, or play. Creating this content costs more effort (and sometimes money), but users often spend more time and profit. They can be used to appeal to your audience and even get to know your audience better.

Contest / Lottery

Classic and old-fashioned contests and sweepstakes are also great examples of interactive content and are a surefire way to increase engagement.

You can no longer ask others to share comments, likes, and posts to get a chance to win on Facebook, but running lottery tickets on Instagram follows your friends and your friends. It’s as easy as tagging. Ask the recipient to answer the question.

Make sure your rewards are branded and don’t forget that it’s okay to be straight.

Multiple selection cartridges

Multi-select posts can be fun, especially on platforms that allow multiple posts with photos.

Each image may present a different option to the audience. You can use this method to select the following flavors or products to offer: You hire them, get their opinion, and sell more because you are essentially offering them what they choose.

Interactive infographics, white papers, Cinema8

It may cost a little more to create, but it can be a really fun song for the audience.

Interactive post infographics and other content include clicks on hover windows and other landing pages, quizzes, additional content, and more, making it a great tool for educating viewers about a particular industry or product. ..

You can put a lot of information into your infographics and Cinema8 by calling for action or using fun pop-up facts. You can download info graphic snippets to promote on social channels, create new snack content from info graphic data, and use subpoenas to direct traffic to all traffic.

Exercise book and grades

Based on the previous section, workbooks are a great way to add value to your audience.

You can add interactive post elements and review processes to your workbook, or create self-reviews based on your product or service. Based on the final evaluation result, you can propose a solution to that person (your product or service).


Shows how much viewers can save by using the product with a calculator.

All measurable information is available on the calculator and helps the audience to use numbers to correlate larger messages (that is why they used the product or visited a website).

Interactive video

Interactive video is another great way to incorporate interactive content into the most reachable and engaging media of all types.

Interactive post videos can include landing page clicks, quizzes, or playback of specific episodes, depending on the viewer’s preference. While there are some great tools you can use to create these types of videos, YouTube is a simple way to tell your viewers to subscribe to a channel or watch similar videos or playlists. Video interaction cards are available.

These are just a few of the ways to increase engagement with interactive content, and engagement is becoming more and more important to ensure reach to social media. Hopefully you’ll be wondering how these tips include something similar to your process.

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