So you thought that your custom cereal boxes was just a box that contains your favorite cereal?

Custom Cereal Boxes

That’s not the case. Companies invest so much in the Custom Cereal Boxes, and all this investment is not without reason. This article shall discuss the customization of cereal boxes and how they can help your cereal business grow.

Why do you need a custom cereal box?

First of all, let us clarify the need for custom cereal boxes. You can opt for simple, plain boxes that are available in bulk and will also be cheaper, but here are the reasons you should always go for customized packages.

Custom Cereal Boxes
Custom Cereal Boxes

They increase your visibility:

Custom boxes will help you stand out in the crowd. There are dozens of cereal brands, and you see their boxes in the store lying side by side. Which one will you prefer if you do not have any brand preference? That’s where packaging comes into play. You will go for the one whose box is more attractive and appealing. That’s the power of custom packaging for you.

They promote your brand:

A custom box has everything you want to communicate to the customer. It has your company’s name, brand name, tagline, particular color theme, etc. In other words, it has everything that you want to show off and communicates with the buyer. A custom box is like an advertisement billboard that promotes your name. And, the best thing is you are getting all this promotion at no additional cost.

It attracts the buyers:

A colorful, beautifully designed, and aesthetically pleasing custom box will attract buyers. Studies have concluded that a potential buyer is influenced by attractive packaging and will at least pick up a product to check it out because of its packing. So, packaging compels the buyer to check the product and eventually buy it. That’s what custom packing can do for you.

They come in different sizes:

A cereal box should be available in different sizes. It must cater to a large number of consumers. Some would like a sizeable family-type box, and a small box would suffice for some. It would help if you got them produced in different sizes so that the maximum number of consumers can benefit from them.

Custom boxes are recyclable:

The material of custom boxes is durable and robust. When you are done with the cereal, you can use the box for other purposes. You can put any other foodstuff in it. You can also be a little more creative with the reuse of custom cereal boxes. For example, you can have them cut as a bookmark. Plus, you can make a jigsaw puzzle because almost all custom cereal boxes have colourful images printed on them. These are a few of the ways you can recycle the custom box.

How do you make the custom cereal boxes more attractive?

Now that we have learned and established the importance of bespoke boxes, it is time we understand how you can make your package more charming. Here’s what you can do about it.

Use eye-catching imagery:

A cereal box is nothing without beautiful pictures. The images should be lively, energetic, and uplifting. People usually have these cereals in the morning, and seeing happy and smiling people on the cereal boxes will make them feel good about themselves.

The Color scheme should be attractive too:

A morning cereal that promises to kick-start your day has to have vivid colour combinations. Use colours that are bright, vivacious, and ravishing. The custom cereal box can be anything but dull. Colours will positively impact the users, and they will feel good about it.

Share as much helpful information as you can:

A custom cereal box should be packed with information that is helpful for the users. Besides the usual nutritional information, you can add some health tips, diet information, an inspiring quote, or something to that effect. Such information will go down well with the consumer.

Size and style of the font:

The custom box will display a lot of information you need to present it legibly and beautifully. So, for this purpose, select the size and style of font ideally. The font should look stylish and gel well with the overall theme of the box. The font size should be relevant to the box’s size. It must not be too small or too big. Balance and harmony should be your go-to options.

Use the suitable material:

There are several materials available for producing boxes. Please remember that you will use it to make a box that stores edible items. You can also opt for Kraft sheet, an organic type of paper sheet that will serve the purpose perfectly.

Use latest print-add one:

For making the typography stand out, use the latest printing techniques. These can be etching, embossed or debossed text, UV spot printing, gloss coating, stamp foiling, etc. They will add to the beauty of the box and give it a unique look.

For making custom cereal boxes choose a competent manufacturer. See their previous work and clients’ testimonials.

Fast Custom Boxes is one company with rich experience and complete command of its craft. Their design team is second to none, and they offer very competitive prices. We hope you will give them a try.


That concludes our topic of custom cereal boxes. We have highlighted their importance and also defined ways through which you can make them more attractive. Custom boxes can help you in more ways than one. We hope it has been helpful.

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