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social media marketing uae

The Emirate public has run to online media like fish to water. Emirates spends a normal of 2.57 hours consistently via online media. In the UAE, as in the remainder of the globe, social media has become one of the main parts of regular web utilization. It has given voice to the voiceless and worked as a blend for a wide range of thoughts.

Dropping smartphone costs have brought about a colossal flood in smartphone use across the UAE. The basic accessibility of the super-quick web at very low rates can be credited to the immense scope expansion in social media use.

The developing accessibility of quick web access is at fault for the flood in YouTube use. WhatsApp’s assurance to persistently change its item and give new encounters to its customers is the explanation it has outperformed all contenders and cut out an unmistakable specialty for itself among visit applications.

Mobile Social Media

As indicated by the latest figures, 98.98 percent of the UAE populace is as yet connected via online media. This proposes that in 2021, 9.84 million individuals out of a populace of 9.94 million will be online via social media basically consistently.

The UAE’s web client base is relied upon to ascend by 1.6 percent every year through 2021. The utilization of online media diminished by 0.0 percent contrasted with the earlier year.

 In the country, portable social media utilization is on the ascent. 9.12 million individuals use their cell phones to peruse online media.

That compares to 99 percent of the nation’s populace. As per 2020 use figures, the quantity of versatile online media clients in the country expanded by 10.6 percent last year, with very nearly 932,000 new clients added.

The primary purposes behind this flood are falling cell phone costs and simple admittance to state-of-the-art innovation.

With the increasing craze for social media marketing UAE, many platforms boost to rise such as;


Facebook has acquired prominence among business undertakings, the political first class, and the overall population in the country.

As indicated by the latest 2021 figures, Facebook is probably going to be a strong impact for a long time to come, with 7.85 million clients.

A few notable firms use their Facebook pages to contact adherents and present them with stand-out arrangements and messages. Many companies offer social media management Dubai for international businesses.


Instagram, which has 7.85 million clients, is a solid contender to Facebook. Youngsters, especially adolescents, make up a sizable extent of Instagram’s 6.67 million individuals.


WhatsApp is, typically, the most well-known talk application in the UAE. WhatsApp has 7.97 million clients in the UAE, representing 80.20 percent of the whole populace. Facebook Messenger comes in second, with 6.40 million clients and a 64.40 percent infiltration rate among the UAE populace.

Regardless of customary assistance blackouts, Skype stays the third most famous help with 3.34 million clients, while Snapchat, which is amazingly well known among adolescents, has 3.32 million clients.

WeChat’s positions are fifth on the rundown of 2020 online media talk applications, with 2.40 million individuals.


With 7.89 million supporters, YouTube will be the most famous social media network in 2021. Right around 79% of the UAE’s populace has a Facebook page, while YouTube has an infiltration pace of 87.40 percent.

Companies offer social media management Dubai for YouTube and plan for its content. 


Assuming that you are looking for an SEO social media marketing UAE to expand your organic traffic, a passage into the universe of online media, or the right lift to your social media crusade, you should analyze and examine the market prior to settling on a choice.

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