Social Trends in Website Design

Social Trends in Website Design

The latest social trends in Toms River for website design now are bright bold colors with a high focus on user experience and page speed.  As with technology, website design trends are changing fast.  If you have a website for your business, you do not want your visitors to feel it is outdated and not worth checking out. 

Some of the latest trends today in website design in Toms River include:

  • Colors that are bold and are one of the most prominent website designs today. Websites with colors that are bright and bold will help your brand to stand out.  Over the past several years, many companies have relied on soft neutral colors to stand out with a bright bold color change.
  • Load time and page speed need to be fast and easy. This is also another important web design feature that customers are looking for.  Their spare time is precious a lot of the time so they want to get on a website, order the product or service quickly and efficiently so they can get finished.  If they are a potential new customer, they want to be able to find what they are searching for fast.  Most want to be taken to where the link they have clicked on within a couple of seconds.  If it takes longer than that, they will probably leave and not come back so your company has lost a potential new customer.
  • Chatbots that have become human-like is another website social trend in Toms River. These have become popular in the past few years and as time goes on, they will start to become more sophisticated.  It is almost the norm now when you visit a website to see these chatbots being used for personal shopping and simple customer service requests.  You want to make sure that they are a positive experience for the customer and not an annoyance.  You want them to be able to connect you with a live customer support person if they cannot help you and not just keep making suggestions as to how to solve your issue.  Sometimes you just need to talk to a real person.  Your chatbot should have the ability to connect the visitor to a live agent.
  • Voice-activated interface because at times, people want to visit your site and do not feel like typing or it is easier for them to do voice activation. Your website should be able to answer a few simple questions to help the visitor.  This could be in the form of virtual assistance or voice chatbots.  This is not a common thing you would find on a website but in the future, it will be.


When you are doing a website design in Toms River, these are just some of the things you need to keep in mind.  You want your website to draw in potential new customers and turn them into repeat customers.  Having a website that is easy to navigate and fast is one way to do this.

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