Strategy of Buying Option in Bank Nifty

Strategy of Buying Option in Bank Nifty

With the increase in margin requirement due to SEBI rules, there has been an increasing demand for Option Buying Strategy. In this article we will cover a Bank Nifty Intraday option buying strategy that can be either traded alone or clubbed with Short straddle intraday strategy. Show me more

If you are a Trend follower then you should go for Short Straddle intraday Option Trading strategy. Remember, Options will expire worthless if market price remains same at expiry.

There is a steady increase in SENSEX and NIFTY going forward, but as per analysis Basis collated by analyst’s you should sell Bank nifty Sep Futures intraday because it is all set to give you huge profits due to volatility in the market. The following strategy is suited for intraday as well as positional traders , if you are long term investor, this strategy is not for you.

How many times have you wondered at the end of a trading day why you lost money when it seemed like such a good setup? What happened? Was it the market, or was it your method that needed a tune up?

Still wondering how to pick stocks? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We’ve gone through the motions to find some of the best stock picking strategies and resources, so you can understand the jargon and “market speak” around picking stocks. Learn more in our article: How to Pick Stocks.

What does the market action tell you? Can you pinpoint an impending crash or are the bulls still firmly in charge? Here’s what a few experts have to say about the recent market uptick.

Dear readers, we just want to make you aware of the recent SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) notification where brokerages will now be required to maintain margin for all derivatives positions across equity and index futures. It is said that this new move will help in reducing the riskiness in the market but it will definitely have an impact on the options trading.

If the market is expected to go down, then why not buy a Call Option now and save your capital for future. Huh? This can be true if you analyze price movement by scrolling back the historical data using excel and make your analysis. But this takes more time than just observing the candlestick chart. Watch this video where I am explaining how to observe Candlestick Chart using Ren

Whether you are an individual investor or a seasoned trader, it is not easy to predict where the market is heading. This article gives you guidance on some necessary steps that will help in making your predictions more reliable. You can now easily manage your positions and also know how to build a bank nifty prediction today.

 Bank Nifty options bought for a target price of 11,500 (but in series) can be sold when the index touches 11,500 and the profits transferred to your current account balance.

Bank Nifty Trading is not for traders of faint hearted. Second bank nifty expert gives you an overview of how to trade Bank nifty today with intraday level entry and exit based on support and resistance level.

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