Test devices for fully functioning atomizers

fully functioning atomizers

In the automotive industry, paint application is one of the most demanding tasks. The process involves applying paint on the body surface and ensuring that the gloss and color enhance the vehicle’s appearance.

Types of Automotive Paints in the industry

  • Removable Automotive Paint-They are made to givea custom appearance to an automobile or vehicle.
  • Non-removable Automotive Paint –These paints are used for painting vehicles and giving them final touch-ups.

For proper application, primer and preparation steps are required. After the application of primer paint, a basecoat is applied. Following this, a transparent and glossy coat is formed when a clear coat of paint is applied. This coating layer should be able to resist UV light. Let’s get to know the elements of paint application:

1.       Primer

The first coat to be applied is primer. It works as a leveler since it smoothens out the automobile’s surface by leveling out its defects. Simultaneously, it enhances the ease of applying paints and protects a vehicle from bumps, UV light, corrosion etc.

  • Base Coat

After the application of primer coat, a base coat is applied. This coat is usually known as the paint as it includes visual properties of effects and color. In automotive applications, base coats can be categorized as pearlescent, metallic, and solid pigments.

  • Pearlescent paints – They comprise certain unique shimmering pigments known as “pearls”. To create depth of color, the pearl pigments give a colored sparkle to the finish.
  • Metallic paints – These paints include aluminium flakes for creating a sparkling and grainy effect. It iscalled a metallic look. Considering the extra dimensions, this paint is hard to manage.
  • Solid paints – These paints have no sparkle effects. Solid paints can be easily applied toconstruction equipment, aircraft, and heavy transportation like trucks, motorcycles, and cars.
  • Clearcoat

Clearcoat is a transparent and glossy coating sprayed on top of a colored basecoat. It should be durable enough to withstand abrasion and chemically stable to protect the vehicle against UV light. Moreover, the clearcoat forms the final interface with the environment.

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It can be solvent or water-borne.

Innovations are present in every aspect of the automotive industry. Nowadays, automotive paints are available in many forms, such as powder, liquid, and spray:

  • Powder or additive – After mixing in paint thinner, paints in powder form are created.
  • Spray– Made for DIYer.
  • Liquid- They are generally polyurethane paints. A compressor is necessary to apply it.

The paint application technology must fulfill high demand requirements for efficiency and quality. At the same time, it should provide automobiles or vehicles security against environmental hindrances.

Dürr Paint Application Systems India products satisfy these needs to a high degree. For other sectors, the company manufactures and delivers products to apply paint and high-viscosity materials. The target group for these “Industrial Products” includes industries such as wagon construction, wood and furniture, ceramics, plastics, and shipbuilding.

Here are some of the test devices (included in fully functioning atomizers) developed by Dürr Paint Application Systems India, used for paint application in the automotive industry:

For quick and easy testing of shaping air ring and atomizer functions outside the booth, the two Dürr test stands, EcoTester Atomizer and EC tester Shaping Air, are used.

  • EcoTester Atomizer

In the EcoBell family, the EcoTester Atomizer is used to scrutinize and test all the atomizers. Outside the booth, the unit is set up. After running a self-test, it performs a complete function check on the atomizers. The volume of shaping air is also tested when the turbine and valve function the system.

To make it easy for plant operators to detect faults and rectify them quickly, automatic tests of individual components assist in the operation.

  • EcoTester Shaping Air

The EcoTester Shaping Air test stand helps in making processes more reliable.It enhances the quality of coatings by inspecting the shaping air rings of the EcoBell atomizer for damage and dirt. With the help of a water jet, plant operators can now identify problems through a viewing window.

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