The Australian Family Law System

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Australia’s family law system has been developed and updated with a focus on resolving legal issues connected to family relationship problems and breakdowns. The idea is to offer resolution options as a way to ease the pressure on the court system, help people save money and achieve faster outcomes. People have the right to be able to access good family law advice and there is a range of different services available including help with your wellbeing, family violence, legal matters, dispute resolution and counselling for couples experiencing relationship problems.

If you are looking for help with finding;

  • Post-separation support, you can check the Family Relationships Online website or call the advice line on 1800 737 732 which is available 8 am to 8 pm during the week and 10 am to 4 pm on a Saturday
  • Family legal advice and legal information which can be located on the Families and Marriage page on the website.
  • Assistance with legal aid, then take a look at the National Legal Aid web
  • Details about property settlement if you were in a de facto relationship can be found on the De facto property page on the website.
  • Help with understanding family law terms, refer to the Family Law TermFinder
  • Information about the online dispute resolution tool amica, check out the amica website (see below for more details).
  • Information about the process of taking your issue to the family law court such as a divorce, parenting arrangements or property and financial settlements, you can visit either the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia or the Family Court of Western Australia. The latter takes cases in just Western Australia. The former takes cases in the rest of the country. Be sure to also seek good family law advice.

More about amica

Amica is a new online tool for couples who want to separate amicably, and avoid heading to court. Amica is a recent development as it was launched just 2 years ago, and was developed by National Legal Aid. You should seek family legal advice when separating, but this tool lets you communicate with your ex-partner and negotiate with them at a pace both of you are happy with. Being able to do things in your own space in your own time can help take some of the stress out of the separation process.

Amica uses AI to suggest how to handle certain situations while taking the couple’s circumstances into consideration, such as:

  • Splitting assets
  • How similar agreements have gone with other couples in the same situation
  • How the court handles this type of case
  • Whether there are children involved and helps to come up with a parenting plan both parties can agree to

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