The Car Engine Is Calling Out For Help! Are You Listening?

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Can you imagine yourself without your brain? Well, the engine of your car plays the same role. And do you remember, sometimes you ignore those headaches, stress, and issues about your mental health that automatically cause lots of health problems in your body in the future? In the same way, avoiding the various signs of a faulty engine in a car seems to be an easier way out. Now, we need to stress how unfortunate its consequences can be! 

The vital signs of a car engine crying out for help! 

Often you get these nudges and scoffs from your car engine the moment you drive it. But, most of you have this habit of considering these signs as tiny routine disorders and pay deaf ears to them. You understand the severity of the matter when your car gives up totally in between a journey, sometimes causing a severe accident that almost takes you to a grave and your vehicle to a junkyard! Most experienced car wreckers in Adelaide, like Car Removals, claim that most cars coming to their warehouse had severe engine problems. They have been wrecking such damaged and old cars for years and are considered one of the city’s highest-paying wreckers. So, if you don’t want to list yourself amongst those unfortunate car owners, do notice these signs as soon as possible and act on time.

  • The loud sound during ignition — A car gives the regular sign of starting with a slight sound resembling a working heater when you start it. However, if it gives out some weird sound that seems irritating to the ears, then beware! Try the ignition once again and listen if it makes this sound repeatedly. If it does, don’t delay taking the vehicle to a mechanic.
  • The knocking sound in between the drive – Your car might run smoothly at the regular pace. But as soon you increase its speed, it starts making a weird banging and knocking sound. You will feel as if the various internal parts of the car are colliding with one another. We recommend you slow down the speed immediately and take the vehicle straight to its doctor (read: mechanic).
  • The colorful smoke – Some amount of smoke emission from your car can even be considered normal. But do frown upon it if you see it coming out in excess in shades of blue, black or white! 
  • The check engine light – Can you see the red “E” sign blinking on your dashboard constantly when you sit behind the wheels? Well, we request you not to ignore this in any situation. It is a small but crucial way of your car speaking out to you about the faulty engine. Take a look at its vital part before it collapses totally. 
  • Oil and fluid under the car – Occasional fluid and oil leakages below the vehicle can be a minute matter. But, if you see this scene every day while taking the car out of your parking lot, then the situation is serious. Cleaning the leaked oil might be an easier task for you. But remember, repairing the engine can take days.
  • The jammed brakes and clutch –You can understand the well-being of your car engine by the smooth working of its brake and clutch. But imagine finding them both stuck amidst a drive. Well, you know the risks ahead of you. It is a vital sign that your engine requires serious attention.

We know what you are about to say to us. These are the signs that you find in your vehicle almost every day. Yes, we agree that there might be multiple reasons behind their occurrence. But one of the prominent causes can be a faulty engine. The sooner you take your vehicle to a car mechanic and find out the actual cause, the better it is for your car and your well-being too.

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