The Essential Dos And Don’ts Of Tile Cleaning!

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Tiles on the floor or the walls are a glorious addition to your home. They sparkle, shine, gleam, and look bright from the day you install them. And the glory never fades much, even with the ravages of time. You only have to clean and care for your tiles – all they need is the homeowner’s love. If left unkempt, it is not uncommon for these to look worn out and stained. But do you know the perfect steps for cleaning these tiles?

What to do and not to do when cleaning your tiles? 

Tile cleaning is often the last thing that lingers in your mind when purchasing tiles. And we all know it is no less a challenging job. However, you can reap the best fruits of your handiwork only if you keep in mind the proper guidance to do so! 

  • Do clean your tiles daily – Hopefully, you will be brooming and mopping your tiles daily. It ensures that the dirt doesn’t settle on the surface, giving way to germs and infections. It will also prevent the fading of the tiles. Yes, you can even opt for daily vacuuming on this surface for ease of convenience. 
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals on this surface – Some of you pick the cleaning agents having bleach and high acidic substances in them to clean the tiles. Remember, this is not acceptable if you want your tiles to remain gleaming and sparkling. Go for special tile cleaning agents without those harsh chemicals for a thorough disinfecting and cleaning of this surface. 
  • Do you know the type of tiles before cleaning them? – Different types of tiles require distinct ways of cleaning and treating them. For instance, the ceramic surfaces demand a slightly deeper treatment than the regular smooth-surfaced porcelain tiles, and so on. Are you aware of the type and quality of your tiles? Do you know the most recommended ways to clean them? If not, study this in detail before picking any cleaning agent or attempting any procedure to tidy it.
  • Don’t forget the wall tiles while regular cleaning – Most of you never forget cleaning the floor tiles almost daily or whenever required. But you tend to forget the wall tiles during those times. Remember, your wall tiles get dirty too. You have to clean them periodically to avoid marring their beauty.
  • Do schedule deep cleaning once at regular intervals — Deep cleaning tiles is essential once in a while. There can be debris that settles in the grouts, the stains that form an ugly patch, and a faded, dull appearance that happens because of improper and irregular cleaning. Professionals in tile cleaning in Brisbane from Absolute Carpet Care have the best equipment and cleaning supplies, plus experienced staff to tidy not just the tiles but even the carpet and upholstery in your house. They efficiently take away the hard work from you and leave your tiles happy and glowing. 
  • Don’t ignore the grout – Do you clean the grouts thoroughly? You clean and mop the tiles vigorously and make them shine like new. But you often forget to clean the grout area. Naturally, dirty grouts automatically reduce the beauty of the tiles. Remember, germs settling in the grouts can bring a lot of infection to your house and spoil the overall presentation of the place. So, please don’t ignore them; do clean them as regularly as you tidy the tiles.

Tile cleaning is not rocket science. But it is not a cakewalk either. The essential steps required to clean the flooring perfectly is as crucial as choosing the right cleaning agent. With a bit of love and care, your tiles shall adorn your house for years to come. 

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