The Super Stylish Ways To Vape Like A Pro!

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Are you recently spotting vapers all around you? Yes, it’s taking the world by storm. From young adults in their early twenties to seniors in their sixties, you will see almost everyone enjoying vaping to the hilt. We understand it can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming for you as a beginner. Of course, even you dream to vape like them, even though you have just started. Well, it is not at all overpowering. Even as a newbie, you can join the bandwagon.

The best tips to vape like an expert!

Being an expert in something is not exactly about doing the activity for years. Sometimes, if you know the exact techniques and tricks, you can be a pro within a short period. For newbies aspiring to vape like a pro, we are happy to help with the hacks:

  • Invest in a stylish vaporizer –The most significant thing that makes your vaping experience ultimately better is a good vape. We know, as a beginner, you tend to invest in a starters’ pack that hardly has some great features. But as soon as you get the basic hang of vaping, do buy yourself an exclusive and stylish vaping device. This doesn’t only look attractive (as they are compact, sleek, stylish and lightweight), but they even help you vape easily, seamlessly, and without any hardships. Because of these conveniences, you automatically vape like a pro. We would like to suggest to you one such fabulous device– the mighty vaporizer from Canna Juice. They have got multiple such vaping devices that are trendy and come with a long-lasting battery (and even automatic functions). Just grabbing and using these will make you look like a pro in front of others.
  • Invest in a suitable e-liquid – You should be very careful about your choice of flavours or e-juices. Not all of them might suit you, and not all types are ideal for beginners. The best thing about picking your flavours is that you can still start with light and mild flavours because no one but you would know what you are vaping. Of course, they will understand the smell and essence if they are nearby, but no one can guess if you are using an e-liquid with nicotine or without it. So, you are free to choose the flavours that you are comfortable with or love. It won’t make you uncomfortable while vaping. And you can also show the world that you’re enjoying without any hiccups, like a pro. 
  • Don’t get overwhelmed and do the wrong steps – It is crucial to follow the proper steps to vape if you want to look like an expert. But, in the quest of appearing like a pro, you tend to get overwhelmed and hurry in this process. The result is often a weird look that appears on your face that shows you are a newbie still adjusting to the act. Study how you should arrange all the parts of the vaporizers together, ignite the coil, add the e-liquid, and then start vaping calmly.
  • Hurrying is never a pro’s job – Why do we always get newbies to assume that being a pro means carrying out a task in a hurry? Well, you should know that a pro isn’t good at some skill because they perform it in a jiffy, but it is the efficiency that counts. So relax, start with slow puffs and gradually increase the frequency after being comfortable with the flavour and the heat coming from the device.

There are also different ways to exhale smoke that you can try if you want to look like a pro in vaping. There is the French inhale, blowing bubbles in a proper sequence, creating shapes with the smoke, and so on. If you want to try all those, you can simply refer to some good videos found online and enhance your experience. Overall, just be happy, comfortable, and enjoy vaping — you will look like a pro without any hardships. 

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