The Top Websites for Helping Freelancers Find Work 

The number of people that are working as a freelancer has increased drastically in recent years. While the number of people who are working as and looking to employ the services of freelance workers continues to increase, this does not make the process of finding work as a freelancer much easier. When it comes to finding work as a freelancer, finding the right website can be critical. Finding the right website to help you find work as a freelancer can help you to connect with clients and win jobs so you can focus your attention on the work that you enjoy more quickly and easily. 

1. Shiply 

Shiply is a great resource for those looking to win work doing delivery jobs. Shiply enables drivers to connect directly with people requiring shipping work. This means that with a website like Shiply, it is easier than ever for drivers to find shipping work at a price and a time frame that works best for them. 

2. Toptal 

Toptal is a great website for highly skilled freelancers who are looking to win work with the top companies. Toptal is focused on connecting some of the most highly skilled freelancers with work, which is why they have an extensive screening process that involves personality reviews, skill tests, and test projects. If you pass through the screening process, Toptal will enable you to connect with industry-leading companies like Microsoft and Salesforce. 

3. Upwork 

Upwork is one of the largest freelance databases out there which means that it can be a great resource for a wide range of different people. Upwork has a great talent scout feature which helps to match projects to freelancers which makes the process of finder work much simpler. Upwork also has a variety of resources and articles which can further help freelancers learn how to find work more effectively in the future. 

4. 99 Designs 

99 Designs is a great resource for illustrators and graphic designers who are looking for freelance work online. There are two different methods for employers who are looking to find freelancers on 99 Designs. Either an employer can use the traditional methods by posting a job listing and inviting bids from freelancers. Alternatively, employers can use the 99 Designs bespoke service to be matched with the right freelancer with the use of AI. 99 Designs is completely free to join and has over 90 distinctive design categories which mean that it can be easy to find the right type of work for your skill set. 

5. FlexJobs

If you are interested in finding remote and flexible working opportunities then FlexJobs might be the perfect solution for you. FlexJobs screens all jobs and companies that are posted on the site to make sure they are legitimate and trustworthy.  FlexJobs is not limited to a specific industry or type of profession, which means that is a huge range of jobs available on the site. Not only does the website help freelancers connect with clients, but it also offers great professional development resources and coaching.

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