These signs scream you are with the wrong driving instructor!

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Do you think driving is a tedious job? Does it scare you to go behind the wheels? Well, you undoubtedly took a course to learn this skill. But, due to some reasons, now you are more scared of this activity than before. Yes, it happens. We have come across many new drivers who have given up on this activity because they could not cross the learning session properly. And most probably, the common reason for this is the instructor. Many learners do complain that their driving instructors did make them nervous during the activity. And that is why they cannot handle the vehicle and steering and quit driving.

Check for these signs in your instructor and change ways! 

If you are presently learning to drive and find it difficult because of your instructor, you have to check for these signs in the person. It might be the biggest reason you still can’t overcome the initial discomfort of driving confidently. Well, this can lead to many issues in your driving knowledge and confidence behind the wheels later. It is the reason experts suggest you choose Just Pass Driving School for driving lessons in Coventry. They have the most experienced teachers and trainers who make you comfortable behind the wheel and ensure you learn all the tactics of handling the car perfectly. Now, how to identify the signs that scream that the instructor is not perfect for you?

  • Your instructor shouts and yells at you –It is natural for a new driver to take weird turns and press the accelerator suddenly or the brake, for that matter! But this doesn’t mean that the instructor has the right to shout or yell at you. If this is the case, you will feel offended or even nervous while handling the car in future, and this might break your confidence. In this situation, you should change the instructor or the driving school immediately.
  • The instructor is busy on mobile while you are driving – The instructor should be your guide and mentor while you are behind the wheels. This person should be as attentive to your driving as you are. But if your instructor is engrossed in mobile talking or texting, then there are chances that you might be doing something wrong that goes unnoticed or can even hit a pillar or a pole (or God forbid, a person or someone’s property!). It would help if you complained about the instructor to the head of your driving school.
  • Your instructor does not let you drive on the road – Practical knowledge is as necessary as theoretical knowledge! But if your instructor is busy guiding you on how to handle the car in the parking lot only, how can you become a better driver? That is why each student must get some practice driving sessions in the open and busy roads. If you are not getting this chance, then obviously, your instructor is not perfect for you.
  • Your instructor is never on time –Punctuality is also an important rule that every driving school should follow. If you are on time to learn to drive, but your teacher is never there, you are wasting your precious moments. And if they are charging you for the entire hour while providing you with the training in half of it, then it is wrong. It would be best if you thought seriously about changing your driving school or the instructor in such a case.

Since you are reading this post so carefully, we assume that you might be facing one of these issues with your driving instructors. You must halt the training immediately and take some action on the spot. Why? One, you are paying a hefty sum for the training and dedicating a lot of time, you must get the best return out of it. Two, and more importantly, driving is a life skill – if you are not thorough in learning it, you may have to face grave situations later.

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