Things To Check Before Buying Plots in India

Plots in deputy ganj

With the ever-increasing property prices, most people opt to buy plots rather than a ready-to-move house. Buying a plot has its own advantages. People can design their dream house, as per their needs and budget. But buying a plot in Lucknow also has its disadvantages. Here are three things that you should check before buying plots in India:

Legal status of the land:

The first thing to do is to check the legal status of the land. Is it properly registered? Is the seller actually the owner of the property? Is there any dispute regarding the land? If yes, is it settled or still pending? Another important point to check is if there are any local laws that are applicable on the area where you want to purchase a plot. For example, if you are investing in a residential plot, then it should not be located in an industrial area.


The second point to check is how easy or difficult it would be to access your property. The road leading up to your house should be motorable throughout the year and not just during drier months. Also, check if your property has proper electricity and water supply facilities or if they need an additional connection fee or security deposit.


Choosing the right location is crucial for selecting a plot for investment or building your home. The location should be easily accessible by public transport and have facilities like schools, hospitals and supermarkets nearby. You must also check if the area has water and electricity supply.

IS e-registration possible?:

There was a time when registration of land had to be done manually and it took longer time. But now, e-registration has become mandatory in most parts of India and it will take less than 24 hours to register your property. E-registration is more reliable as it minimizes chances of frauds and other errors while registering the property. E-registration also offers a secure transfer of money through online transactions.

Size of the plot

It is an important factor for many people who want to buy plots in India. If the plot size is too small, then you may not get enough space for your house and other things. However, if the plot size is too big, you may end up spending more money than what you planned and also waste money on maintenance which can be avoided if you have a smaller plot size.

Soil quality

Purchasing a plot without checking its soil quality can be problematic in future. A good soil quality assures that there will be no cracks or problems with the flooring built on that land as well as sometimes it affects the safety and stability of the home. Therefore, make sure that you get all information regarding soil quality.

Check for encumbrances

Often times, banks and other financial institutions provide loans against a property or land which results in encumbrance on the title deed. This means that the document cannot be transferred unless these encumbrances have been removed by paying off all dues against the property.


what amenities are nearby? Do you have access to public transportation? Is there sufficient water supply? Will electricity be available? What about internet connectivity?

Approval and permissions 

Is the LDA approved plots in Lucknow approved by the local municipal authorities? Has the builder obtained all necessary permits and licenses required to build in that area? Have they been approved by the local bodies of governance?

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