Three Expert Maintenance Tips For Oriental Silk Rugs

Three Expert Maintenance Tips For Oriental Silk Rugs
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When it comes to Chinese silk rugs, one has to admit that they certainly help make the room come alive. And naturally, given the demand for original silk rugs, you may need to take care so that you do not end up purchasing rugs made of synthetic fibers rather than silk. Silk rugs need more maintenance and care than normal ones. Keep in mind that these silk rugs also happen to be the ones to be easily damaged. Just follow the tips listed below and you should be just fine. When purchasing a silk rug, make sure that you question the dealer as regards the authenticity of the sale and ask for proof, as regards the material the rug is made from. After all, there is a whole world of difference between rugs made from pure silk to silk mixed with wool or synthetic fibers. Do review the points listed below,

Avoid direct sunlight:

When it comes to taking care of silk rugs, and especially oriental ones – the first rule of thumb is to place the rug in a shadowed corner of your home, away from direct sunlight. Sunlight consists of UV radiation and they can cause the rug to simply fade and the result would be a washed-out appearance. If you are keen to ensure that your silk rug maintains its pristine and bright shades, prints, you will take care to ensure that it is not placed in direct sunlight. And since these rugs are made predominantly from  Silk, a delicate fiber, it only makes sense to use them in the areas of your home that see little to no foot traffic. This is to ensure that the rugs are not damaged by the constant wear and tread of people walking over the floor. Here’s a free tip – you may want to consider using these silk rugs as wall hangings, instead of on the floor which would only result in the rugs getting damaged.

Cleaning it:

When it comes to cleaning Chinese silk rugs, you need to first determine the quality of the fiber and what it is made of. Is the rug made from pure silk, or a silk-wool blend, or worse, it is made from synthetic fiber? You need to work this out so that you can get your rug cleaned accordingly. Here’s a tip – pull out a loose thread, set fire to it. If the rug is made from pure silk, then you should get a burnt smell, that’s similar to hair getting singed. That should clue you in; once you have worked out what the rug is composed of, you would need to take various measures to clean it up. The first vacuum it, thoroughly but without the accessories. Make sure that you handle the cleaner gently and let it vacuum up all the dust and grime from the rug. And once that’s done, you can then move on to the next stage of the process.

Check the fastness of the dyes on your rug:

One of the essential things that you need to determine is whether the dyes used on your silk rug bleed out or not. Use a light soap detergent and soak it in cold water. Leave it there for a while and check the water to see if some of the rug’s dyes have bled out. In which case, you would have to approach professional cleaners to get these rugs cleaned. If the dyes have not bleached out, then you can use a light soap detergent and even spray a little in the concerned area, and let the rug soak in for a few minutes. Now take it out, and spray the target area with a mixture of water, detergent, and white vinegar. Let it get absorbed and after which rinse the rug thoroughly in water and that should do the trick.

These points should enable you to take good care of your rug and ensure its durability for the long term.

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