Three Types of Water Geysers Available in India


Geysers are the most commonly used home apparatus during the winter season. Geysers provide hot water, which has multiple uses like washing clothes, bathing, cleaning homes, washing utensils etc. Using geysers, you can efficiently heat water, mainly during the winter season when the requirement for hot water is usually on the rise. Choosing geysers (commonly known as water heaters) looks simple but is a very tiresome task in reality. If you do not have proper knowledge about the applications and different features, it’s tough to make the right decision. These apparatus help you heat water in very little time and at the same time store the heated water for a while. Geysers are the most time & energy-efficient heating devices compared to other options like water heating coils and heating rods. Geysers are available in different types, shapes and capacities so that you can choose the best one as per your requirement.

These days, many brands manufacture water heating devices and geysers. You need to consider several factors to narrow down the options to find the geyser of your choice. One of the most important factors is the cost of the device. Once you have decided the capacity you require, you need to compare water geyser 10 ltr price — like the Hindware geyser 10 ltr price with models from other brands. The first and foremost step in deciding the geyser for your home includes knowing about the different types of geysers and then determining which type optimally caters to your requirements.

Furthermore, different heating methodologies are employed by geysers. Based on the heating technique, geysers are mainly divided into three different types: Electric Geysers, Solar Geysers and Gas Geysers. This classification is based on the energy emanating source for raising the temperature of the water to the optimum level.

1.) Electric Geysers

Electric Geysers are the type of geysers that run on electricity. These types of geysers are the most widely used water heating devices. These geysers are highly efficient as they heat water at higher temperatures than the other types. Moreover, these are the safest and most comfortable heating devices which all family members can use. You just need to ensure that all the electrical connections are proper and wires are insulated and away from water leakage. Electric geysers are equipped with auto cut off features to help you save on your energy consumption. Furthermore, electric geysers are the most widespread geyser types and are considered an ideal choice for Indian homes. Considering the price factor, these types of geysers are slightly costlier than gas geysers. You also need to consider the electricity usage charges when considering the overall cost of these models.  

2.) Gas Geysers

Gas Geysers make use of the Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) for carrying out their heating operations. Based on the efficiency factor, these geysers are less efficient than electric geysers. Gas geysers require less time to complete their heating operations, making them the best choice if you need to heat water in less time. When electrical appliances were not that prevalent two to three decades ago, gas geysers used to be the preferred choice. However, as these types of geysers function on gas, they impose substantial risk issues. Due to this reason, people are now replacing gas geysers with electric ones. That said, gas geysers are still commonplace today and remain popular among the masses. However, you need to have a functional LPG connection to run this type of water geyser.

3.) Solar Geysers

Solar geysers make use of sunlight to heat the water. These geysers consist of solar panels which absorb the sun rays and convert the heat energy of the sunlight into electricity. This electricity is further used to raise the temperature of the water, ultimately providing you with warm water. The installation process of solar geysers is a little hectic as it is placed in such a position where sunlight is available for the maximum time during the day. These geysers heat water swiftly but sometimes face overheating issues. 

Furthermore, it’s difficult to operate these types of geysers during days with less sunlight, such as the monsoon or the winter season. Solar geysers are an ideal choice for those who plan to live independently and wish to save on their electricity expenses. These geysers have a large storage capacity and store a significant amount of water for your daily needs.

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