Tips to Check TDS Level & Ideal TDS for Drinking Water

Tips to Check TDS Level

The value of drinkable water has been a topic of debate for decades and TDS level has become the mainstay of water purifier companies all over India. Find here TDS in Water Measurement and its importance.

Every water purifier in your city must display the TDS level on their water purifier. Why? So you can know with accuracy if it’s the number of mineral impurities that make your drinking water unhealthy, or if it’s the chlorine being added to make it safe for drinking without adding any mineral impurities. Every time you notice a change in the taste, color.

What is the TDS in water? How can I know about the mineral content? What influence does it have on my health? Read to learn more about TDS levels and how you can choose the best water purifier for yourself.

Know about TDS in water. Best water purifiers remove TDS from water and make water healthy for drinking TDS in water full form for Total Dissolved Solids. And it’s the metric many of today’s most advanced water purification companies are using to maximize consumer health and minimize their environmental footprint.

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When you are buying a water purifier it is important that the water filter cartridge that the manufacturer says is necessary for efficient water purification from harmful dissolved solids, isn’t overpriced and works efficiently or else your dissatisfaction levels will just rise.

Did you know that TDS in water has to be maintained within a certain limit? The primary aim of the water purification system is to remove dirt and germs from the water. But, over the years, it has been noticed that there is another factor that needs to be taken into consideration, and this is Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

Total dissolved solids, commonly known as TDS is an indicator of the level of minerals present in water. With TDStest, you can easily check the level of minerals present in your drinking water, and ensure that only pure water flows through your taps.

How safe is your drinking water? Does it meet your standards? Find out with our Drinking Water Report. You can easily get your water tested for Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) using our easy test kit, with results in 3 business days. 

The main concern with TDS in drinking water is that it might be associated with health effects. However, for most individuals, the risks to health from elevated TDS concentrations are thought to be small. More information is forthcoming.

The World Health Organization tells us NOTHING. That’s right, they tell us nothing about how much TDS is in our drinking water. Shame on them. It’s time to find out what’s in your water.

Relax! It’s the Right TDS in your Drinking Water! ‘TDS is simply a measurement of what is dissolved into water. With an ionized, advanced filter like ours, you get to enjoy great tasting types of water with the minerals and salts your body needs for excellent health.

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