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Metal Detector

If you are an enthusiast and want to do something adventurous, you can use a metal detector to find interesting objects. Some people search for metal detecting finds as a hobby but eventually develop interest and take it up as a profession. Others start metal detection as a profession. The people using metal detectors have plenty of locations to search in.

10 Locations to Search for Metal Detecting Finds

You will be surprised to know that there are plenty of places where you might find interesting and excellent objects. Below are the ten locations that can be considered the top. But a point that must be remembered is that some places need permission from the landowners.

Front and Backyard of Houses

The first location you can select to use a metal detector is in the front and backyard of houses. Experts in metal detecting have suggested doing a test run of the equipment before going to the actual location. The test run can be done in your own back or front yard. If you are going to search in someone else’s backyard, you have to acquire permission from the owners.

Within the Premises of Educational Institutions

You might have heard other children saying they have lost coins and other school items during recess. Even when you are in college or university, you might have lost a ring or other piece of jewelry. These are just a few things that you might find on the grounds of educational institutes.

In the Vicinity of Bus Stops

People don’t often consider areas around bus stops to be places where things can be found under the ground. But this is the location where you might find coins belonging to different years. Individuals lose their coins because they hurry to get on the bus and pay the fare. So, this is a good place to use metal detecting devices and accessories.

Drive-in Theatres and Cinemas

Many of the drive-in cinemas and theatres are very old and might belong to the era of silent movies. It would be exciting to find a coin or piece of jewelry that belongs to that period.

Sites for Fairs and Carnivals

There are plenty of things that you might find through the metal detector bought from stores like Teknetics Direct in locations where a fair or carnival has just been held. The things that you might find are coins, jewelry, and silverware from the food vendor stalls. You might also find toys made from different metals.

Things found on Beaches

Beaches are considered one of the few places where you might find plenty of interesting things. One reason is the people who visit beaches drop or forget jewelry and coin on the sand. The second reason is that things from shipwrecks will wash up on the shore. As time passes, it gets buried under the sand.

Grounds Around Churches

Many churches are hundreds of years old and have existed since the first people migrated to the US. People could find jewelry, silverware, and coins in different eras. You have to take permission from the church administration to search, especially in the cemetery premises.

Different Types of Resorts

Different resorts exist like hill stations, beach resorts, river resorts, spa resorts, casino resorts, ski resorts, and luxury resorts. People visiting these resorts might take off their precious jewelry, place it on the ground, and later forget to collect them. These items could be buried under sand and dirt as time passes.

Deserted Towns and Villages

Deserted villages and ghost towns are good places to search for old artifacts, relics, jewelry, and coins. Many of these locations have been deserted for hundreds of years. So, you might find objects of that era.

Farms and Barns

You might find farms and barns that belong to when banks didn’t exist. So, where did people keep their money and precious items? They used to bury things under the ground in farms and barns. Also, you could find old tools that might be valuable.

These are the top ten locations where various equipment can be used for metal detecting finds.

Below are questions that will further enhance your understanding of a metal detector, where it can be used, and which metals it can detect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I metal detect anywhere?

There are certain places where using devices for metal detecting finds is prohibited. These include locations where historical monuments are sited. Also, there are certain private beaches and properties for which permission of the landowner is required. Otherwise, you can use a metal detector anywhere.

Do metal detectors detect all metals?

Stainless steel is one metal that the metal detector can’t detect. The electric conductivity is very poor in the case of stainless steel. So, the magnetic permeability is low and doesn’t generate strong signals.

Can I metal detect on common land?

Yes, you can use a metal detector on common land, but you have to ask the owner’s permission. If you use do metal detection on the land without permission, you could be heavily fined or go to jail for trespassing.

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