Top cashback apps for online shopping in India

Top cashback apps

Online shopping and digital payments have literally changed the way people pay for their stuff. The concept of keeping cash is getting a habit of the past as people can now do the transactions directly from their bank account using an app. The added advantage of such apps is that they have the best cashback offers to reduce the total invoice value and save some money! This reward goes directly into the user’s bank account or the app’s e-wallet. Users can use these points to pay next time.

There are tons of cashback apps in the market, making it challenging for consumers to pick one out of them. However, it is vital to choose a reliable app to get the best cashback offers and ensure that the transactions happen safely and reliably. To keep you from getting overwhelmed with all the options, we have listed some of the apps you can consider using in India for online shopping. 

Top cashback apps for online shopping

Fave app

It is one of the best apps through which you can shop, order food, book hotel rooms, and do a lot more. Many brands and outlets are listed on this platform, so you will likely find your favorite brand over it with the best cashback offers. The most exciting part is that you get assured cashback for every transaction you make through the Fave app. Hence, choosing this app is the best option to enjoy online shopping at discounted prices.  


If you have ever done online shopping, you are probably already aware of Paytm. The app gained popularity as it allows users to shop and pay. You will find the Paytm QR code with almost every vendor, and the cashback rewards that it offers are also significant. Though you do not get assured cashback, the ease and reliability make it the best app ever. 

Coupon Dunia

It is an exclusive platform that offers only discount codes for multiple brands and apps. You can browse this app before placing your orders or ordering food, as there are high chances that you can get significant coupons. Apply these codes at the time of checkout, and you can reduce your billing amount! Additionally, your profit doubles up if the app gives you a cashback. 


If you wish to find discounts and deals in your local stores, Nearbuy is your calling. You can find local grocery stores, salons, restaurants, gyms, and other stores listed on the app. If you browse after filtering the location, you can get offers exclusive to the users of this app only. All you need to do is make the transaction through the app, and you get entitled to get cashback offers. 


It is another renowned cashback app that turns your online shopping experience fruitful. While visiting a restaurant, you can upload a photo of your invoice on the MagicPin app along with your selfie. The app will verify your invoice and give some cashback. You get an assured reward for every invoice you upload, which you can use to recharge your phone or pay the utility bills. The amount of cashback reward is not fixed, but you will surely get something.

Though the list of fave app is endless, using one of the above options is fruitful. However, before you download the app and start making online transactions, you should take a virtual tour of the app and ensure it works the way you expect and brings the best cashback offers. First, read the terms and conditions of the app to know how often you can expect cashback and what you need to do for it. Then, make more and more purchases or transactions through the app to turn your entire experience exciting and high-yielding.

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